TZ madem Wana mandevu

There is a curious phenomenon I have noticed hapa kwa mama, especially in Dar. Every day, every where I go, I’m met with multiple bearded women. Hii design…

More interesting, beards don’t seem to attract any social stigma. Mafisi wa hapa hawamind kuguzishana ndevu na Hawa mashemale.

Typical fising sessions zinaenda hivi, unaona kadem shapely na yellow yellow kwa mbali, and like the uncultured Kenyan fisi you are, you creep towards her hoping kutumia all your misamiatis…ukifika karibu unaona sura ni ya Rihanna but kidevu ni ya ndume… Why is this so common…, wabongo tuelezeeni jamani.

True story, it could be that the very common bleaching causes hormonal imbalances


Uko sure hawa si ma tranny?

Indeed there’s an extremely high percentage of bearded women in Tz. Most shave their beard but some trim it to a shrub. I have never understood why, not sure if they have a high testosterone.

Zambia and DRC as well have so many of them. Then inasemekana ati ukiwaoa, it is a quick way to get money. How that happens, only bonobos from those sides can tell. Maybe it is society’s way of making men accept those women as they are with little or no discrimination.

Really, now that’s interesting.

Maybe because of their clearly high testosterone, they hustle as hard as men. They are therefore equal partners.

na watazaa?

Siwezimind kushika hio ndevu kama Niko doggie

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Wanazaa, the only fear ni kupata daughters wako beard gang…

I’d really like to hear from locals, juu some of these bearded chicks ni moto Kama pasi, ukioverlook ndevu.

Treatment with hormones can correct this