TZ Bononbos Have Started Looking for an Imaginary Boogyman





Whether the story is true or not, Tanzanians are known for their disgusting habit of always blaming Kenya for their misfortunes. Lazy bastards cannot get off their ass and work, and expect things to go their way.

Hehe. This is the same Kigogo? Seems the TZ government turned him into a pro-state blogger.

Inferiority complex yawa TZ huwa on another level !

The blogger is right. Kenyan maasai should keep off matters between TZ and its citizens. I was surprised to see on NTV leaders from Narok in kenya saying they will sue TZ government for evicting TZ citizens from a gazetted conservation area in TZ.

Hawa bongolala wasituletee na bado hatujasahau vyenye walichoma kuku za uncle Wilybaro akizipeleka uko ndùnyù.

“The Tanzanian government did not expel the Maasai and did not plan to deport the Maasai back to Kenya because the constitution of the ruling CCM states that all Africans are one and all human beings are equal.”

:D:D:D why do I smell a rat

This issue was recently mentioned in the US and it looks like they will have to back down so wanatafuta scapegoat and blaming Kenya is an ever green option