TZ accident (Gori images)

May 6 – At least 29 final year primary school pupils were killed in a bus crash in northern Tanzania on Saturday, along with two teachers and the driver, the school’s director said.
“We lost 29 students and two of our staff, and the driver died too,” said Innocent Mushi, director of the Lucky Vincent Primary School in the northern city of Arusha, which the children attended. The dead included 12 boys and 17 girls, he said.
At least three survivors were pulled from the crash site by rescuers and rushed to hospital.
“It’s a huge tragedy,” Mushi said.
The accident happened early on Saturday when the bus went off the road and into the Marera river gorge in Karatu district.
The final year primary pupils — commonly aged between 12 and 14 years old — were on their way to sit mock examinations ahead of seeking places at secondary school.
President John Magufuli sent his condolences to the families of the dead.
“This accident extinguishes the dreams of these children who were preparing to serve the nation, it is an immense pain for the families involved and for the whole nation,” Magufuli said in a statement.
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This is their last pic before they borded the Ill fated minibus,
May their souls rest in peace.
This is so sad

So sad Manze

Very sad. May they RIP

Weka spoiler ama utoe hzo picha bana


May the little angels rest in eternal peace


Unlike Kenya where we lost 27 people just the other day and no action was taken Heads will surely roll in Magufuli land.

Heartbreaking. May they rest in peace

Seat belts ni muhimu sana, more than half of them could have survived.

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How fragile life is.
God, help us to remember you and to treasure every minute we share with the ones we love.
And may the young innocent souls of the children above rest in peace.


May they rest in eternal peace.

I think we like putting ourselves down, Tz. has a worse traffic accidents record than us

This looks like a typical case of speeding driver loosing control due to wet road.
Landed in a ditch head on so everyone in the back who was belted should have survived.
Hope lessons are learnt but I doubt that will happen.
Will probably be explained as illuminati or witchcraft!


Ministry of education guideline to school transport.
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Nimewai angalia bus ya a very up market school in Nairobi na sikuona belts, it is that kids bodies[SIZE=16px] are too small for belts to work au reason huwa nini?[/SIZE]

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RIP little angels. such tragedies usually make me ask so many questions
Is this the work of the devil or God?
Why did they have to die and they did no wrong?
Why did God let this happen, is it because He loved them more so they had to go to Him?

This is the fruit of a society where no one takes responsibility for their actions!
The driver shouldn’t have been speeding. The school should have had safety belts installed and used. The traffic police should have ensured that all traffic rules were followed. The bridge should have had barriers… The ambulance and rescue services could have probably saved a life if they got there on time… Etc etc…

But it’s always easier to blame God or the devil!

We have to wake up black people!!!


They are blaming it on the wet slippery road

My daughter is of the same age you can all understand why am whipping while I see the pictures of these beautiful angles… may God Rest their soul in internal peace.