Tyrones namaliswo na Shaniqua

Only one word can describe this video:


Jungle mode full throttle


:D:D:Donly in the hood baby:cool:



In life, in nature, all things must have a hierarchy. The negroid is an idiotic, primitive, savage and mentally deficient lifeform. Individual outliers do exist, but for the most part the black race is at the bottom of humanity’s barrel. Eventually they will have to accept they deserve nothing better than subjugation under the bootheels of other superior races who are better equipped to rule the world.

Chunishwa ghaseer.

@Ndindu Kuja uone bonobo 2.0 software at work.:D:D:D

The negroid’s inferiority is beyond dispute. Look at what Europeans have achieved in their existence. They went from cannibalizing each other and wearing animal pelts to building satellites and space shuttles. Asians went from growing opium and rice to dominating technology sectors. The Arabs, who had nothing but sand, rocks and camels to fuck on their long sojourns through the desert, now build marvelous cities in those same deserts thanks to their oil industry. What has the negro achieved? HIV, poverty, reproducing like rats in a sewer.


Nothing turns me on like a full grown woman with solid boobs. That is why I drive off from estate shiet.

Toa umeffi hapa. We were supposed to be enjoying this Shaniqua-Tyrone duel then you came around with your party pooping ways. @administrator peleka hii new ghaseer siberia.

I have seen far worse comments in this forum. What I have said may be offensive but its not untrue. I think its unfair that you want to silence me just because you don’t like what I have to say. Why not use the ignore button if I am indeed such a party pooper?

Come on man, we have enough self hating blacks over here. Give it a rest.

Is that a joke? Am I to believe you posted this video here for educational purposes? Or to celebrate black Americans? You posted this so you could all laugh at less fortunate negroes acting like zoo animals, then you have the nerve to call me out for racism? Ironic.

Mpaka nimembao I wish she could angry sex with me.

Lakini huyo mwoman banae mali swafi kabisa. Siwezimind kulipa 1000.

Not gonna lie you make a good point, but this is meant to be a feel good post, not a debate on race relations.

Fair enough. I will take my business elsewhere.