Tyre size 15- best china brands. Prices

Wadau chanua elder, which is best brand currently and bei ya size 15? Na plug. Anyone been to Eastleigh lately to purchase from waria?

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Wadau what are current best tyre brands

Remember with tyres cheap very quickly turns into expensive. Unaeza jikuta hapo kando ya barabara at 4AM with a flat tyre.

Nunua Linglong you might regret it in the near future.
Enda na Goodyear ama michelin. Very pricey (9000 per tyre) but it can easily last 7 years


Jaribu milaze.


Currently have Nexen Tyres on my jalopy…so far so good. Spend 70k on all 4 tyres, installed, balanced and wheel aligned

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I also have Nexen. From South Korea. Good tyre. They are the current sponsors of Man City.




I wanted tires from Korea or Thailand. So i went with Nexen…ziko poa sana 1yr so far no issues.

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Miguu naendanga Auto Express. Najua mi hugongwa but at least I get the peace of mind

Eastleigh ni expe I can give you a number of a fellow Arab ako na shop Kirinyaga road

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How can Eastleigh be expensive when it’s the HQ ya tyre wholesellers? Even taxi guys go line up there to replace their tyres.
How is comforser

Leta hii number priss.

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I had that happen twice I said never again. Makes me very aware of my tire conditions at all times.

Peana pia ya 17 inches

Waffi Tyres 0722825558 0722148518

Tell him you have been referred by jenerali

Aliniuliza comforser 265/75/R16 mud terrain tano at 17500 a piece

Cheaper than eastleigh


Comfoser are quite good tyres,

Damn good. Then painted the comforser wording with a white tyre pen, they look so good just like our princesses

Cant say the same about subbies though

We mzee, you just had to throw a sucker punch!!! Nimeona somalis have started kuzalisha Arabs na Muslim Hindu pale parklands, soon your women will be available for nywele ngumu

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