Tyranny of Numbers?

Wadau, nikama Mutahi kunyi’s beloved theory inakua debunked this time. If RAO wins this, then he does so bila votes from the Mt. Kenya and RV voting block. That means it is trully possible to forfeit votes from the Mountain and the Rift and still carry this thing. Also, kumbe the kalenjin-kikuyu ticket is not that much of a guarantee? <inster Itumbi’s FREEDOM! slogan here>

All this time the Kikuyu have been like babies, acting out ndio wabembelezwe. Arror put all his hope on them and they betrayed him.

RAO has banked over 1m votes from mountain thus puting a dent on Ruto

turnout ya mountain ilikuwa low but bado story za past election za 95% turnout ilikuwa tu wizi

Baba is scoring 20-25% in the mountain, which is highly commendable.

Acha baba aitwe baba

I honestly think Mt Kenya turn out in 2017 was cooked - it was in the range of 86%
right now naona 68 - 72%… this has.

Also the only lucky thing for Ruto is that, Raila has lost some support in some counties in Western …and also coast numbers have dropped compared to 2017… saa hii ingekuwa mazishi.

There were much shorter lines this time than last time. If you didn’t notice that, you have a problem.

Without the million or so Mt kenya votes baba is getting, at the same time taking them away from ruto, he would be in bondo right now.
So, it’s true. Mt kenya votes are key. When united its a lethal force.

They had more poll stations

Actually, Kikuyu is just a single tribe out of 44 others. So hawawezi tisha wakenya. The fact that walikuwa the first haimanishi Kenya ni yao. Anyway, Kiuks just forget about the president again. Just focus on county politics. Hii national mumepigwa chenga this time


In every election there are more polling stations than the last.
I don’t think you need an explanation for that.