typing error by iebc clerks,more loopholes

in the dry run test(sijui kama hio kitu inaitwa hivyo mimi hapantambua kiingereza mingimingi)why are railas votes different from others,nasikia systems are already set(laymans viewpoint msirushe mawe saaana sina helmet)

Questions That IEBC Cannot Answer on Why Test Transmission of Results Cut Raila Votes, Rigging?
IEBC RESULT SYSTEM IS SUSPECT::::::::::::::::::::::;;
I raised three fundamental issues with the results transmission simulation test yesterday abc so far nothing concrete has come out.
These issues must be addressed urgently

  1. Why would 218 votes keyed in on KIEMS gadget turnout as 217 at the national and county tallying centre?
  2. Why would 8 aspirants be given 218 votes each ,and end up with a mean score of 12.53% as opposed to 12.500%
  3. Assuming the error was unforeseen why would 217 votes out of 1,744 give a percentage of 12.47 % as opposed to 12.442%
    Clearly there is no way a software can add percentages that exceed 100% . In this case the total aggregate % from all aspirants is 100.18%. This is not a rounding off error . This is a clear programming work .
    I am now tempted to think that ICT boss Musando may have been tortured and forced to surrender critical access codes to allow system manipulation.
    The fact that the picture of Raila is on a background that is dark points to failed attempts to fix a problem that may have arisen after system was tampered with. This is simple but telling a lot.

Unsema nini ?

that the test transmission of results raised concerns on rigging

You are exhibiting signs of extreme paranoia. If symptoms persist, kindly see your therapist.

ngoja niendee ile kitabu ya logarithm

Wee acha propaganda…ever tried doing calculations on ms Excel unapata 12.0, the same calculation without rounding off any figures with a Casio calculator gives 12.2 How that happens mi sijawai jua,so lets blame the programmers of those gadgets

integer value divisions vs float value divisions

so the programmers are to blame

Hii ni propaganda


Hii propaganda ya leo imechelewa. I understand it has to do with maths and its was harder to draft for team D-minus.

I first read the comments, and concluded this sv has copy pasted some piece of chieth. Wadau huyu SV anasemaje?

Ni testrun ya vile watamuibia

hawatomboi,but bona team Rwnbp mko so bitter of late ama ni vile mnaona canaan is a reality

ni wapi tunakua tested tukikimbia ama testrun ndio nini wadau

It was a testrun of the transmission of vote results… How it would be played out at Bomas

Naskia ati kwa hiyo test-or-one, ingepanda to 218 kama kingerudiwo.

Ati Raila’s picture was on a darker background which proves he is being rigged…:D:D:D:D:D:D

Mimi naongoja 09/08/2017
Kuonyesha uhuruto matunda ya wizi

Niaje Dere wa truck, retired caddie??:D:D:D:D