Typical User Mentality

Be suspicious of advice you get from these people.

Na pia society out there be mean like that

Family is the number one culprit when it comes to this bullshit …

Family and “frens”

Do what thou wilt…thats my motto. At the end of the day unanyuria solo na unasahaulika .While you’re alive, people will always dictate your life, how live it,worship,marry,eat et cetera.ponda mali,kwa raha zako,kifo chaja,

I thought I tread on this path alone

Habari carpenter

Family sansana , Kuna members sijaona for five years, ikienda step moja ya Maisha kazi Yao ni wivu tu hawataki uendelee kimaisha. Kama ukinunua Gari au shamba lazima uwaconsult

Weuh! This was a hard lesson to swallow… watu wakikusimulia hekaya zao unaweza chukia watu.

Been there Freemason, trust and believe that

Shenji , niko poa.

Family ni upuzi

Friends and family are sometimes sent from the Devil to deny you happiness. It requires a tough mind to overcome that. Some are supportive and understanding though.