Typhon In-fa hits China. China also hit by massive sandstorm.

[SIZE=5]As usual the real videos are on social media. Don’t expect to see the truth on CNN , BBC or other woke media that supports Xi Jinping.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]SHANGHAI covered in dark clouds like an apocalypse movie :[/SIZE]




[SIZE=7]Sandstorm like in MI-4 :[/SIZE]



Effects of trying to control the weather, and nature as a whole, shit will turn round and bite you hard

@patco you should be worried hii flood ikifika unaites stets of amurika. More homeless people will die. Kule india imefinya akina vishnu hadi wanasema yesu ni bwana.

Nimeona flooding in Turkey too.

Kenya is fucking lucky country. Our nation is exactly on the equator where typhoons and hurricanes are impossible because of physics

Scientists global warming…religious people yahweh amekaribia…choose very wisely usiangamie.

Bana wacha kumalisa chrome yangu…lakini yesu kweli ni bwana:D


Nimesoma kama Intifada ya the stupid terrorists who love pretending as “Palestinians”:smiley:

Bless the brave men and women who share such images of China because the CCP would never allow their country to be exposed in bad light.

hallmarks of Climate war.

Where’s China’s artificial sun?