[SIZE=5]The vast majority of KenyaTalk’s users are male and that’s a FACT. In such an environment, you are bound to come across interesting characters as I have witnessed in these initial days of being a new ‘villager’. I will DECONSTRUCT them in no particular order:

MGeyTOW burukenges - These have ZERO self-esteem and love to bash women in order to hide their insecurities and give themselves a false sense of hope. PROPER MBUZIS I SAY!

Fake ballers - These are IMAGINARY make-believe billionaires. They like to fly first-class to Monaco to watch F1 European tours.

Whore connoisseurs - These have visited the same brothels frequented by chokoraas and makangas, in addition to contracting every UTI and STD under the sun. PROPER LOSERS these ones!

Single mother disparagers - These burukenges have a tendency of expressing hate for STRONG and INDEPENDENT single mothers. These are just as if not more insecure than MGeyTOW MBUZIS. In fact, Single mother disparagers and MGeyTOW mbuzis are in bed together!

REAL MEN - These are CONFIDENT, GALLANT and BOLD. They are very RARE and the only one I have encountered so far happens to be the ORIGINAL POSTER of this thread.

I will leave it at that for today.

In conclusion, to any individuals who may feel offended, LAMBA LOLO NANII!

Yours Truly,


So guys said this was not truman kapote. So it is cucu?

You sound like a TODDLER, ask MEANINGFUL questions!


Ok. I think ni Cucu.

kula block pole pole bila kusumbua truman kapokoste…

Another SQUIRT attempting to impress his boyfriends.

Kwenda uko nanii!

peleka mcoondo huko itombwe… tunajua you are drunk posting… na umekosa ya kulamba sababu ya kuchapa saidi…

dont even bother replying sababu ata sitaona… bela ciao…

Typical CHOKOSH.

Funga mlango ya bedsitter na ujifiche kwa bafu!



Here you are again like a fool. If cucu is meant to be me!!! you have a long way to go. You could not even tag me properly either.
…uko na shida kubwa saaaaaaana.

Simp boy defender of wahmeens. The Nobel Peace prize committee is in the process of inventing an ew category to award [SIZE=5][FONT=georgia]“real men”[/FONT][/SIZE] :D:D:D
Kuna zawadi ya goro goro tatu and getting all the free beat up pussy for defending the weak women against harsh men. On dear, where woul this weak women be without such a bald galant defender of weak women against weak men. In times lik this, you are truly a force and a shelter for post walls

Just another MGeyTOW KUNGURU trying to sound funny.

Forward that BOLLOCKS to your MBUZI brigade.


sawa real men :D:D:D Sina uwezo sina namna. What am i to do against such a storng defender of wmen [ATTACH=full]335279[/ATTACH]


Rasa yako itaungua vibaya sana.

Ktalk can be sheet and have a slow day all wrapped up in some no head or tails threads. I kiff up

childish, kula block.

Si niliwaambia MBUZI ZOTE ZITATII?

Look at all the NYANG’AUS scampering for safety!

Sit back, relax and watch a PROPER ALPHA MALE administer FIRE to any BURUKENGE which thinks it has BOLLOCKS!

@administrator Why am I still getting alerts for this thread? yet I have blocked the OP and unwatched the damn thread?.. ama how does the block button work again?..


After being blocked by 90% of people here, @TrumanCapote I see you have come with another account/. Blocking you ASAP