Fellas, let us look out for each other. Below is a list of kungurus you need to keep away from this coming year.

  1. Those who use their phone while you are hanging out.
    Everybody owns a phone. If you have come to my crib ama we are chilling at the club ama kwa karestuarant tunakula chipo kuku, all your attention should be on me. You can check other people’s Whatsapp status when you go back to your small bedsitter.
  2. Those who involve their friends in decisions about you two. Kuna wale madame hutumia mabeshte wake pic yako ati ndio wapewe ruhusa ya kukugawia nunu ama ati ata uende sleepover. Btw, none of your female friends ever wants the best for you. Remember, your relationship will never work as long as your friend is single.
  3. Those who cum slow. Buda, usiwai kazia kumwaga. If the tadpoles come, release them. Kunguru wengine wanataka tu kukaa apo wapumpiwe and they can’t even ride you to make lungula interesting. Then wanacomplain ati you cum too fast. No bitch, you are boring as fuck and you are the one who is slow.

Matusi zikam.

Watching closely…28 million light years away:D:D… Social Justice Warriors can’t hear none of this mumbo jumbo

so in short dem anaishi kwa bedsitter…ana mabeshte kadhaa mabitchez…na ana kuma mtaro…will avoid them. thanks

As opposed to a big bedsitter?

I will avoid posts like these in 2018

Matusi haiko, ni gilbey’s naeza kushikia ya kufunga mwaka


Conclusion ni una dem peasant, anayeamini mabeshte wake kukuliko, na wewe ni 1-minute man?

zingine ni mtaro Lakini utamwaga hadi haemoglobin