Two women in court for forcing their way into neighbour’s house, locking the door before clobbering her

Two women from Kibera appeared before Kibera Senior Principal Magistrate (S.P.M) Esther Bhoke to answer the charge of assault after they allegedly forced their way into their neighbour’s house, locked the door before properly clobbering her.

The court heard that “Fatuma Hassan and Moreen Akosi jointly assaulted Halilu Abdulahi willfully and unlawfully on October 19 at a residential place within Darajani area in Kibera.”

Reportedly, Halilu was inside her house with her children preparing supper while waiting for her husband when the uninvited and unexpected guests stormed in and closed the door from inside perhaps to bar intruders.

It was half-past 6 pm when tables got turned. Fatuma was armed with a wooden bar. Without any trigger, they started pounding Halilu like a drum.

Akosi was serving her with numbing slaps while Fatuma was striking her with the wooden bar

Amidst confusion and commotion, Halilu whose son attempted to escape in a move to seek help was grabbed and pushed against the wall hence sustaining injuries on the head.

With the aim of accomplishing their mission, the accused persons locked the door from inside and continued assaulting Halilu mercilessly.

The noise from the fracas attracted neighbours who inched closer to Halilu’s house.

The neighbours then intervened and rescued Halilu by cautioning the accomplices of the impending consequences.

They opened the door and when Halilu attempted to step outside, she was slapped and forced to stay in the house

Later her husband arrived home and found her in pain from the attacks and when he was briefed on what transpired, he accompanied Halilu to the police station where she was advised to seek medical attention first then proceed to record the statement.

The accused persons were arrested as a result and were taken to court where they denied beating Halilu before Kibera S.P.M. Bhoke who released them on a cash bail of Ksh, 10,000.

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