Two weeks incubation period is over yet our state of health is still strong

After almost one month since Kenya recorded it’s first Corona Virus case, we are yet to see the deaths we were “promised” by the agents of doom including some western propaganda apologists here. Anga wait until the two weeks incubation period lapses, mtajua pia malenge ni mboga. Anga Kwanza vile Nairobi imejazana hivo mtatii. What happened?

In fact, Tanzania despite having done literally nothing to combat the spread of the virus has recorded only 22 positive cases and 1 death (patient had underlying medical conditions). Now they have shifted the argument to suggest that the few cases of confirmed CV-19 infections in Kenya and in Africa in general is because we are not doing mass testing. Fine, but where are those “untested but infected” people?
How many people have walked from the streets and reported to hospitals after falling sick and are they in their thousands as projected? Or how many people have even died in their homes? Where are they?

Me thinks our immune system cannot be compared to those of other races and perhaps many have recovered without even knowing that they had it in the first place.
Our diet is very natural. How many people in developed countries eat fresh foods? How many take miti shamba? How many take fresh ginger/lemon? You are what you eat and we eat well. Just like Ebola, this Covid 19 will disappear just like it came. It came to the wrong people. And as always, I choose to remain an optimist.

Pewa pombe ya Corona popote ulipo…umenena kama village statesman

You are right kiongoss,several factors are in play here.Scientific papers suggest that if you didnt get the BCG vaccine you are fucked.Thats why Africa and Portugal has low cases compared to the rest of Europe.Also if you dont have enough vitamin D you are fucked.We obviously get alot of sun here.Finally our lungs dont have ACE2 like those ones of the Europeans and Asians.ACE2 has receptors to which the virus attaches before causing mayhem.
Angels of doom watangoja sana.

Sijataja mtu.
[SIZE=1](especially @Uwesmakei)[/SIZE]

You know the fcker is right.

Thank you. I was reading about the BCG factor yesterday. Our vulnerability as a continent has come to save us. The world invested a lot in vaccination programs that are now being considered a factor to fight this virus. Our climate/sun hence vitamin D too. We are good. I’m very optimistic about this.

Nasikia African countries wanaficha hii story, mtu anakua covid 19 positive wanasema ako na pneumonia kwa records.

Yes,very true.The only thing we all need to adapt in this our continent is to not adapt western diet and lifestyle.We need to stick to eating traditional veggies,kienyeji chicken and exercise.Western diet is full of empty calories which only reduces your immunity,same to alcohol.


Ni sawa but where are those alarming deaths in large numbers? Watu wanakufa tu kawaida like we have been dying. Sijaskia watu wanaanguka tu ovyo ovyo wanakufa. Hata kama ni pneumonia, ni wangapi hao wamekufa. Mortality rates remains the same.

Could be true,but this is also true in other demographics as well.The difference here is that over 90% of infections in Africa are mild to moderate compared to severe in the rest of the world.This 90% recover very fast because of a strong innate immune system with zero chances of re infection similar to what is being seen currently in China and Taiwan.

Mimi sijataja hao wako ughaibuni. Mimi yangu hata sio genetics. I’m talking about us here in Africa eating fresh foods, some very natural and basking in sun on daily basis. And I’m just thinking based on what the propaganda has been yet our state of health remains strong.

What do you expect kama kazi ni kukula fries na burgers na kukunywa daily with zero exercise?

Sijapinga. Just that hao mablacks walijidai wakiwa huko that colour matters lakini wakashuta kushuta

Exactly. It’s actually very possible that many people here in Africa have recovered without even noticing that they had it.

I admit I don’t understand why it’s happening so in the US. Coz we can’t see the same in other European/Asian countries. Like why isn’t there a similar trend in Italy yet there are blacks too? Even Spain? But my focus is not even on race but other factors like climate, demographics, climate, diets etc. Coz hata huku kuna wazungu na hawako affected hivo.

The media will never broadcast death by pneumonia

The secret behind surviving a pandemic is in having a strong innate immune system.The BCG and vitamin D (sun) angles came to us Africans as a bonus.It is clear that God can not give you everything.He gives you riches (but you have to work on your immunity to stuff),He doesnt give you plenty of wealth (but strong immunity).
Was happy to read that the HIV prevalence in Kenya actually reduced from 9% 3years ago to the current 4.1%.Also,Homabay,which guys were saying ati people are careless because of having a high HIV prevalence was found to be so because people from Homabay are more willing to go for voluntary testing than anywhere else in Kenya so obviously the number would be higher than say Nairobi or Thika where people believe that what they donno about their status is not worth knowing.

I concur with the op…considering we are yet to implement total lockdown… Angels of doom walipostpone wakasema sasa tungoje june

But I asked you hao watu wanakufa in alarming numbers wako wapi? Coz this should be noticeable by everyone, hata kwa social media and our social circles. Mimi sijaskia.