Two rivers mall stinking

Yeah…you heard right that freaking mall is currently stinking like a bad fart containing fish, boiled eggs and guiness…ni kama watu 50 wameshuta tu pamoja!! Shait!

ungeongeza mshuto yako na maisha yaendele tu

what’s up? sewage ya gachie imepitia hapo kwa io riparian parking ama?

Weh It’s gotta be bad if the tissue scavenger whose natural habitat is washrooms has felt the impact…

was there on sato hapo pizza inn and hardees restaurant place, then took a lap kiasi around the mall. Yenyewe its a shell… But the water works are good, whoever designed them maze

Ati mall yetu imefanya nini…the mall in general or the cloak room?

Eeeh, kwani kuna shortage of tissue ama?

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Thread closed apana ingilia county yetu

Hatuwezi pin mshuto

It is hydrogen sulfide, a heavier than air gas that is found near bodies of water. It is poisonous and deadly watch out.

The mall…it was really smelling this evening…kwanza hio area ya carrefour all the way down to the basement

Are you being serious???


Hope the admin.watatatua

That mall doesn’t have “warmth”…I find it having an echo-y, ghost like feel. Sipendi…

Wasee hushonde uphill sasa mvua inaleta meffi huko down

Its lifeless

Aah…btw it makes sense coz it was raining…

hehe kama ni h2s ni mbaya. it almost took me out once when i broke very old eggs that an hen had abandoned sitting on. eggs were dry inside but were pressurized with gas. I got sick immediately. i knew its h2s. nikajaribu kuenda mahali watu wako juu nilidhani nitakufa. ilinikalisha chini hapo hapo. nausea na chest lock mbaya sana.