Two More Kenyan Nurses Swindled Boston City Out Of Sh12 billion, Now Face Long Prison Sentences.


Before the law caught up with them, Winnie Waruru, 42, and Faith Newton, 52, lived large in America.
One drove a Maserati, an Italian luxury brand known for its exclusive styling, and the other one a Range Rover. As dollar millionaires, they kept their lives private and few Kenyans had heard about the two nurses whose fortunes seemed endless. In addition to their lavish lifestyles, they had five properties in the US and operated 40 bank accounts.

The US government now claims that the two Kenyans swindled Boston city out of $100 million (Sh12 billion) in healthcare fraud. They are alleged to have paid kickbacks to obtain referrals and retain patients over a five-year period.


US detectives watched their transactions that ran into millions of dollars for many months.
Last week, Waruru pleaded guilty before US Senior District Court Judge George A. O’Toole Jr, who has scheduled sentencing for January 12, 2023, according to a release by US Attorney Rachael Rollins. Newton’s case will continue.
Detectives allege that between January 2013 and January 2017, the two used Arbor Homecare Services LLC as a conduit to siphon $100 million from MassHealth and Medicare – a programme that provides health coverage primarily for people with low incomes – by claiming refunds and filing false statements. They then closed down the company.
With a budget running into billions of dollars, MassHealth, which pays for personal care attendants, medical equipment, and specific prescription, has been a target of swindlers who first apply to become providers through registered companies. The healthcare company nurses are supposed to attend to vulnerable members and then bill the programme for reimbursement.
Both Waruru and Newton were accused of “conspiracy to commit health care fraud” and for billing for healthcare services that they never provided. They are also charged with making false statements to MassHealth.
The federal government has filed a civil action to seize the duo’s properties and freeze their bank accounts, which held millions of dollars.
The court papers say that Newton was part-owner and operator of Arbor Homecare Services LLC, while Waruru was a licensed practical nurse. On paper, Waruru was “employed” by Arbor Care Homecare Services, but, according to court records, she was more than that.

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