Two incidences of food poisoning. tuambiwe ukweli tafadhali

Iko nini


You do know that “food poisoning” doesn’t mean “poison in food”, right?

He’s an attention whore.
Grab the headlines by whatever means.

He should start carrying home cooked and packed meals with him wherever he goes.

A whore just like muthamaki lauching already launched ambulances

Two attention seeking whores alright;
First one gets peoples attention by improving their lives
The other gets peoples attention through gimmicks and side shows

I clear my doubts on any difference between you and Joho.

You miss the point but isokei you’ll get it in 2022


Hata akienda mombatha siku mbili aseme tu awekewe omena fresh kwa sgr

Alikula Weston?

Let him carry packed food wherever he goes.kwani iko nn.

Food poisoning doesn’t necessarily nean the food is literally poisoned

Fala out doing your stupid self as always …thank admin for giving you this avenue…

Fyi food poisoning doesn’t mean the food is necessary ‘poisoned’…eg, contaminated food can easily harm someones health and can be poisoned food

Arap kipindu pindu ako na hoteli coast

If he’s an attention hoe and he’s always catching your attention then you’re the biggest hoe of all form of hoes…his name barely leaves your mouth…raila has a permanent space in your brain/mouth/heart

who are u referring to here?

Some people will never understand.

Hypocrisy. When @Mundu Mulosi called Ruto you cried foul and here you are calling Rails an attention whore. Are you implying he is playing sick to get attention?