Two heads found outside Kenyatta University.

This morning, two heads were found outside Kenyatta University main campus. A girl by the name Jennifer Anyango had boarded a boda boda from Githurai and was supposed to alight at the gate of the institution. On the way, the rider detected a foul smell coming from a handbag that she had. Just before getting to the gate, he alerted other boda boda riders who sorrounded the girl and demanded to know what was inside the bag. Members of the public had also filled the scene by the time. She was thus forced to open the bag and they found two rotten heads; the head of an onion and the head of a garlic. Sorry wadau, I just needed to capture your attention and wish you a great time as we wind up 2019. Hii mwezi nimekuwa na mikosi mingi lakini Mungu you mbele.

Ngite, ngui, nguruwe, asshole,

@digi kiìhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mafi ya manispaa


Today you seem elated but the kind of joke in this thread aint good. Try another joke

What is not good? You have no sense of humour?



This kind of jokes were being done back in the early 2000s when internet started hitting our wavelengths properly


you got me good:D:D

Wakatimba!!! Time ukirudia utakua mbele ya njuri njeke on your knees.

Not funny

Happy new year Shifo. We would still have welcomed your warm wishes without the alarming clickbait.

Makwapa ya chura


:D:D:D na usirudie tena!