Two guys jump a girl after she gave them AIDS

wtf admin the code cant work here?

weka link pekee.

Ni kubaya

huku hakuna embedding direct link inaweka vidda instant

uyo mwanamke amepewa kichapo cha _______

Hao ni wajinga. By beating her do they suddenly turn negative?

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i saw a video like this worldstar a while back. I think the chick beat up the two guys sister or something.

I only saw two girls jumping another girl. Men dont hit women…that is not debatable. If she really annoys you the furthest u can
go is shake her until her weave comes off but u can never hit her.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Na kama hana weave?

Kama hana weave she cant annoy you to that point.:wink:


awezi kosa weave na akose fake eye lashes

hujuma hio…

Boss hamjawahi pata dame laptop size ya kate yule wa klost,kisirani * 10.

Some need to be reminded who wears the Fucking pants a slap or two works for me.