Two governors rally behind Dokta Makosa Sijui


Baba showered him with accolades, and cautioned him against taking the law into his own hands


Ohulu and Kababu had interesting bits of advice


:D:D:D:D:D deep fake zinataka kumaliza our kinsman but niukukaa ngumu

Waluhya mmerogwa na ngono. It brings down so many of you

In Moi’s voice: Naani habeendi?

Kupenda should have limits

Umesahau deputy governor wa waikulu, ule alipatikana na bibi wa wenyewe:D:D

Yesterday you posted a different kienyeji. Seems like every week
You get a different one so you are actually outdoing most luhyias

I take extreme caution

Hata labda ni huyu ndio aliwekelea hio findio.