Two big blunders Ruto made

  1. The first blunder was coming up with the phrase Hustler v Dynasty. The phrase is catchy but it put him against Uhuru. So ideally you say all nice things about your boss but your foot soldiers mock him by using that phrase. Uhuru didn’t chose who his parents would be. So to sort of mock him for being the son of a president in an election that was democratic was a blunder. But that’s not it alone. That phrase must have driven fear among the dynasties. The dynasties who were quietly enjoying their time peacefully were awoken up with the fear that should this guy get to power, there will be repercussions. So they must work day and night to ensure status quo is retained.

  2. The second blunder was entering someone’s stronghold and trying to outsmart him. Law #1 in the 48 laws of power says never outshine your master. He has realised this was a blunder and that’s why he has humbled himself to join BBI rallies despite saying they are a waste of public funds. Tonight at 9pm on NTV he will say that if there are laws that requires referendum he will support.

Anyway the horse has already bolted. Soon and very soon kitaeleweka.

too late for him,wamalize hio mwizi kabisa and his offsprings.

Nilisema hapa wasap are only acting like a child who has been denied candy!! Just throwing a tantrum! But when musamaki whips them and tells them to jump they will ask how high!!! Nikapigwa mawe!!! Chicken are coming home to roost!!! Wapi tanga tanga? I bet they have tucked
Their tails where they belong!

sisi tuko na makende si kama wewe eunuch

Unlike you incoming MCA loser. He has been in politics long enough. There is no wrong move in politics. Ukishindwa, you sing praises to aliyekushinda and you get rewarded. For a politician I beleive it’s a win win situation whether he loses or wins.

Ata kama hatuna sababu ya kupigia Ruto being petty is enough reason not to vote for Raila.
Vinyasa hatuvai 2022 na nyumba lazima zilipwe.

Uhuru and Baba are the idiots ! they are practically building this thief to god like status ! people will always support the under dog when a fight seems unfair ! and using the husler tag he has endeared himself to millions of Kenyan imbiciles who think he is one of their own. Humans are tribal and this time Ruto’s tribe is the suffering masses!

Recently Uhuru addressed the nation from Mombasa, nobody was interested in his speech.
Today the WHOLE COUNTRY will watch William Ruto speak.

Vitu zengine hukuja naturally. People love Ruto. The common man. Billionares hate Ruto. Mt. kenya mafia hate Ruto. Central Kenya peasants love Ruto.

They have money. Ruto has the people. Ordinary citizens.

Kaeni kitako mfunzwe siasa.

Servants will ride horsebacks like princes, as princes walk back to Gatundu and Kabarak like servants, vanity.

If your theory was right, Tsvangirai and Besigye would be presidents. Ama Zimbabweans and Ugandans don’t like under dogs?

Hehe @Motokubwa examining his favorite wife @uwesmake rear umbwa wewe

I won’t watch Ruto

Nitaona njonjo

Njonjo did not oppose Moi in 1978. He is a kikuyu but stood with the DP. Watch Njonjo and learn from history

Arror anabeba hii kitu exactly at 6:15 Moscow time.

Held meetings with political and community leaders from the Mt. Kenya region. We reviewed the BBI and its implications for matters critical to them including Agriculture, Representation, Youth Empowerment, Sharing of Revenue, national unity and economic well-being of the nation.


Then Moi entered power and threw Njonjo under the bus

Njonjo wasn’t a tribalist
That’s why kikuyus hated him

Huyo raila aliisha

Do you seriously believe Museveni and brother Mugabe fairly won those elections ?

You have forgotten that that shit you use don’t suffer fools gladly.

It had to be Moscow time.

Too bad

Ati Njonjo wasn’t a tribalist? He who couldn’t shake hands with luos to “avoid catching cholera?”