Twitter yamaliza Trump


Can Kenyan media do this to wanjohi

:D:D more popcorns please

Wacha Trump aamke :D:D:D

Itabidi uncle Trump aanze ku communicate na sisi followers wake via XVIDEOS platform

And so Macharia was busy licking magufuli ass just the other day. Right is right at all times.

Mkale D minus material niaje

T - The
H - Hate
U - yoU
G - Give

Walisema “thugs” ni code word for nigga. Ama? I could be wrong…

i also think so.
black people will always be niggas or is it niggers.

Niggas is more PC than niggers. Nigga means bro when said by one black to another…

haha. PC
Conspiracies have it that PC is meant to quiet people. make sure they don’t question/disagree with each other. we have to accept everyone’s point of view without question.
and its working if you see the wrongs or evil things being rationalized or accepted without question all over the world.

…and what if a black calls another… Nigger! Any change in meaning?

there was a talker here who recently narrated how they were harassed for using that name in another forum (they didn’t know the difference)
its regarded as an insult/racial insult, regardless who says it.
but non-black can’t say either.

Whatever change in meaning it has applies to them too.

Poa soja mgisu, Mungu amekusaidia Patel anavuta kila mtu isipokuwa nyinyi.