Twitter war


Trump is a genius

Hehe… yeah

I see no blood…

He’s not. He’s, rather, a wrecking ball!

Depends on how you see him.

Hivi if you wanna know…


I’m really enjoying this trade war of words, retaliatory tax increases and bans. Just last month the west was together in launching bombs to Syria.

Trump will singlehandedly cripple Europe which is what we Africans want and need. I can only watch in delight. A crippled Europe means less interference with African social, economic policies.

you and who? definitely not me.

Africans who know how exploitative Europe is.

Even America is exploitative, China is exploitative… back here we exploit our own…

Who has been and still is exploiting Africa non-stop for +100 years? It’s Europe.

Its human nature. Ukikaa mbaya, you get shafted.