Twitter Ke

I have noted that Kanyans uses twitter only to spread fake news, propaganda, ignorance n hate for their own country., and trolling. Unlike most of other countries where people try to share facts and reasonable debates, and positive criticism, In kenya twitter, the sensational, antagonistic, fake, ignorance, and anti-government are the most shared, liked, trending. International news agencies such as NYT even avoid tweeting anything abt Kenya coz they know it will be accompanied by ignorant comments and trolls. Kenyans need to change!

wewe kwanza nyinyi ndio mumetuingiza hii shida ya nchi

shida gani woria. 90% of chushites were and still are behind Uhuruto. Bt i’ve heard from many chushites that Uhuruto gvt is the first gvt since independence to treat them fairly n to bring visible development in their region.

reddit na KT peke ndio zawatu wazima.

How much does liquor king pay you to post nonsense around these streets?

Twitter siku hizi imekuwa playground ya all the bonobos na watoto in Kenya… FB yenye watu husema ni ya wazee has become a very peaceful place

Wazua too.

There is a lot of filth on reddit. But some subs are interesting.

it is more filthly on other social platforms.

There are some subreddits ziko na very nsfw content.

Ati they hate their own country :D:D
Kenyan twitter is made up of mainly youths this government has neglected .91 yrs old Moody awori is preferred to this government than jobless youths out there.Go figure the appointments done by Uhuru. 70% are over 50yrs old
@kijana wa Mt.kenya you are disgrace to the distress hungry kenyan youths out there if at all wewe ni kijana
.You are the exact reason why Uhuru Muigai will come back as Prime minister and you will be on the frontlines to support him

Moto ya makaratasi

Hawa ni wale vijana they sleep up to 10am and then go to government offices to sway tenders on their side using their father’s influence… Hawaoni shida yoyote kenya

nlikuambia mimi ni kijana na ndo nafikisha 30 years. I am not employed, I do my own businesses, which are not connected with gvt in any way. I do not regret voting Uhuru or continuing supporting him in his good work (bt he wont come back as PM as u haters r trying to put it since u jst want to paint a “selfish” picture of him, he is not interested in any national political post past 2022). N mark u, all over the world senior most gvt jobs are held by over 50yrs old for the purpose of experience and emotional intelligence. Then go do an random audit of any county in the last five years 90% of those got employed are youth. Then u must be a fool to think that being board member is a job

I wake up and sleep around 1.00am doing my own biz not in any way connected to the govt, but I will keep supporting Uhuru.

Smes are folding up everyday as a result of Uhurus policies. During Kibakis time ,banks were hawking loans to kenyans and money was everywhere you could feel it
But right now it’s the government borrowing billions per day from the local banks to pay loans that common mwanachi has not benefited. Local economies have no money ,pesa zote zinaenda China unaenda kwa bank they reject you. Look at the daily auctions being done by banks to the SMEs and tell me …my fren we are in business and you are NOT businessman …everyone in business regardless whether he/she voted for Uhuru will tell you there is nothing to smile about the current situation
Even Uhuru admitted he has FAILED small businesses na uko hapa trying to justify your sycophancy …sad state of affairs