Twitter is Fake!

I DM known celebrities without issues. All is fine. When I DM the likes of Bernie Sanders, Steve Harvey, twitter asks me to confirm my phone number.

I noticed you only dm men brother, is aught amiss? :smiley:

Can’t tell from names!!!

Security measures

Why are you inboxing celebrities in the first place?

USA is not like your stupid banana republic

I guess it’s nice to be anonymous, but still exhibit equity. Some humans really look down upon themselves, and for that reason they get trashed! I inbox all, with the same zeal, coz they are equal where it matters! I


Thanks. I have no idea they are male, not from their names. I know there are males who go by female names. Let’s get your non gender contribution. Brains don’t live in balls!!!

why do you guys think you are, judging (mnakojolea plate inayowalisha) your clansmen. nicca, ata wewe ni bonobo, its just hawajakuambia

Remove “bonobo” from your vocabulary. Respect all.

What business in God’s name do you dm celebs for … kwani umemaliza ku dm ma cerebs wote pale Kinya?