Twitter Explodes After ‘Psychopath’ Donald Trump Cheers Body-Slamming Of Reporter

Anybody who sees Drumpf as anything but a clown should have their heads examined. Even our own Moses Kuria cannot shake a stick at this buffoon.

[SIZE=7]Twitter Explodes After ‘Psychopath’ Donald Trump Cheers Body-Slamming Of Reporter[/SIZE]

President Donald Trump sparked anger on social media after he praised a GOP congressman’s assault of a reporter.

Trump celebrated Rep. Greg Gianforte’s (R-Mont.) May 2017 attack on Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs during a rally in Missoula, Montana, on Thursday.

“Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind of guy,” Trump told the crowd.

Following the 2017 attack, Gianforte pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault.

Trump’s quip was immediately condemned on Twitter, with many commenters noting how it came amid tensions rising over the disappearance of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi:




i just love how Trump creates storms and weathers through them like it never happened

He’s gradually and surely eroding America’s role as a global police man on Human Rights and democracy.
How do you start lecturing Third World countries on media freedom when a sitting president is leading the attacks on journalists? When their closest ally in the Middle East has just butchered a journalist in foreign soil.
Trumpism might win at the moment but the damage to America is irreparable in the near future.

I think he revels in the attention he can get by being the anti-christ. Have you noticed that NOBODY has EVER praised him for anything but his over-blown ego?

You have to get a kick when he does crap like this. It reminds me of the midget in HS who used to run his mouth coz his bigger brother was a bully. Once the bro finished HS…oh God! I think he’s still running :smiley:


Ati attacks on journalists… which journalists??!

These are just foolish bullies. Hapo hakuna journalists. Journalism ilikufa zamani. Siku hizi ni well paid, well oiled, good looking, biased snakes.

Nao anchor ni slay queen wauaji… there I said it. With mercenaries called Jowie… Jowie dearest… Jowie baby kill for me darlin…

Wengine ni homewreckers in chief. Na Brown envelope types.

Mimi niko nyuma ya Trump 101%.

Kama ile nugu karibu igonge Margaret kichwa ile siku walikuwa white house. Ati demanding answers. Shouting ni kama ako kwa nyumba yake. Zero respect.

The American media or media in general wamemea pembe sana. They’ve become an untouchable institution. Even demanding ati it is morally wrong to vote for a particular candidate… as who? Ati they decide for the people…

Actually Trump is making America loveable. @Mathaais ; Maybe you should tell us of a time when sitting presidents were not leading attacks on Journalists? When their closest ally in the middle east was NOT butchering people in foreign lands? Fakes News people are angry because they can no longer sell nonsense to us.

Hehee :smiley:

That was one example, Trumps policies on trade have led to major fallouts with previously esteemed partners like Canada.
His stupid and ill informed pullout from a global environmental treaty led to the French president Macron threatening to take over leadership on world matters since the US no longer had the moral authority.


And about moral authority, I’ve been watching Al Jazeera for the past few days and it’s like Trump ndio judge kwa hii maneno yote ya khashoggi…

“We expect President Trump to act… we call on President Trump… We hope President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo will deal with this issue…”

What does that tell you? Why aren’t they saying, we hope President Macron deals with this issue decisively?

Why aren’t they saying 'we hope president Xi Jinping deals with this… '?

Ngoja very soon uone ile reception Trump atakuwa anapewa. Ngojea second term akashinda that is.

I hope he addresses capital punishment and bans it. And this abortion madness.

France, Germany and Britain have already put on hold any political programmes (whatever that means) with Saudi Arabia till this Khashoggi affair is conclusively dealt with.
Did they wait for Trump’s approval?

Ngojeeni 2032 mtapata another liberal with manners. Sisi watu wa Trump hatutaki watu wa good manners and silly speeches about change na usiku mjamaa analipua waarabu na drones na ma arab spring dunia mzima… ati change we can believe in.

More people died during Obama’s rule than even under crazy George Bush. Shiet unawasha TV… Egypt, Libya, Allepo, Iraq, Palestine… ni bombs tu kila mahali.

Apa umenena kama njuri njeke

This is the honest truth thanks to puppet ingine inaitwa killary clinton

Got to give it to Trump though, he’s not killing Muslims the way his predecessors did.