Twitter Big Wig ni mwizi

The ever humble @Deez Nuts posted something about a malaria breakthrough by KEMRI only to find the exact same post on twitter . @MuthuiMKenya , [SIZE=5]crime does not pay [/SIZE]


Muthui Mkenya copy pastes his posts from here. Comrade Miguna Miguna is also a talker

@MuthuiMkenya = @digi

Am also a talker.
Do you know what else I am out there.

Who are you out there?


I couldn’t tell.

Tunajua uko na kuma kubwa

Ushawahi nitia?

Dada yako wewe bado

hii muthui ndo unaita big wig?

So kama dada yangu ako na kubwa pia yangu ni kubwa?
Uko na akili punguani nini?

We know you are Mathice