Twist in Maigo Murder Case: The house is not Maigo's, but it's in the same estate..Whaat!

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The people doing the investigation wafanye kazi ingine, hii imewaashinda. Sasa hao ndio wanatumwa Haiti. Lamu, baragoi, na mpeketini iliwashinda sueze hairi…

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Yeah clip shows someone at the door. Who even leaked this video?


She jumped over several fences in her escape. She even stole shoes in some other house. Check the full video.


This is becoming interesting with twists and turns.

that is right, the cctv capturing her could have been in one of the houses not necessarily where the crime took place


This video came out at the beginning through the mainstream media. Watched it then and couldn’t understand why the lady was in a different compound.

The house she was jumping from had someone in the kitchen. She went and tried the gate but it was locked. That’s when she jumped through the fence. There was a tenant at a house close to the gate who even got out to see wassup.

Does it mean all those houses she jumped through didn’t have direct access to a road!?

Halafu does this mean where the CCTV Captures her she also jumped the wired fence na hakuumia on her way in?! There should be footage of that…?

The razor wire was kwa nyumba ya mwisho, the walls separating the individual houses didnt have razor wire.


She jumped through several fences,but sielewi how a girl can do that over razor wires na si Jason Bourne

Anyway the 25 stabs shows crime of passion but Maigo being the acting finance director of the most expensive hospital shows he was controlling a large budget, waangalie any financial scandals hapo Nairobi hospital .


Kabisa.and the hospital has been having board level wrangles last few years

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All the other houses in between don’t have access to a common road?!

Inakaa she was avoiding the main gate maybe juu ya watchie? Ama kuonekana exiting the crime scene or anywhere nearby.

Niliwaambia hii kesi hakuna mahali inaenda. That was not a random murder