Twins with different Father same mother

A Chinese man inconsolably broke down after discovering that his twin babies have two fathers, meaning one of them is not his. The discovery was made known after the babies’ unnamed parents did a DNA test as part of the process to register their births in China. the man could not take it after the result pointed at the fact that his wife cheated on him.

Having twins fathered by two separate individuals is a rare medical condition called heteropaternal superfecundation According to Deng Yajun, the doctor who produced the paternity report, the probability of such a case happening is always one in 10 million chances.
"First, the mother needs to produce two eggs instead of one in the same month [to have twins]. Second, she needs to have intercourse with two men in a really short space of time to make it possible. (, a woman will have to be intimate with two different men in a day before or after ovulation for both eggs to allow for fertilization.)

also saw the same case in the Paternity show.
Men must perform DNA tests on all children claimed to be theirs.
it should actually be a rule before any man writes his name down on the birth certificate or accepts responsibility.

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