Twice lucky or God is sending a message?

Atleast have some humanity and leave the nun alone that is a no go zone bwana hata kama ni dryspell imekuwa mbaya just wank…

Dats one deep shithole i would not want to swim in…

I see nothing wrong here. Most of those nuns are horny and really naughty. A nun from that ug gave me her phone to go install a new battery and charge it for her. She had more porn in there than @uwesmake has ever seen or had.

you know the drill. ILLUSTRATE!

Woi. .woi . .woi . .woi. . the devil is a liar

Just wondering why hizi phone za ma pink handlers zinapost comment double double. First was @Supu don 3 times and now @Purr_27 2 times. Kari kii.
@mulosi hapana jaribu tena

Mikono inashiver, it’s cold.

Na @Kush leo analala alone

kwani ukikwatwa mikono wankster?

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kwani ulikatwa mikono wankster?

Hehe for now nimechukua vacation, hand pia ipumzike banawe

Yaani @Ndauwo umeamua ni vita dhidi ya illiteracy…

Haha I’m just exposing a school dropout. In Klost I was exposing a homo, sijui kama uliona hio ngoma. Ilikuwa imewaka. Hata hii ya @uwesmake itawaka moto kama admin hawatanichorea

I asked you where the beef started na hukusema.

Ask me…

The beef started with the undereducated . I think he has seen my position on many things clashes with his position so instead of arguing like an intellectual man, he started cheap insults. So I decided to make his stay in Ktalk as uncomfortable as possible. Do you notice that his grammar is improving? That’s all me :slight_smile:

Hahaha…sema challenge ya new phone…vidole bado zoea…

How is that child of a whore doing? Bado ananidai au alitosheka? hahaha asaidie Jezzebel

Tell me sweetie, I have to end this war.

Hehe if you end it the illiterate will not be pressured to seek an education. That’s a public deservice.