Twenty years on..... Could this be the one I grow old with? (Long Dick Alert)

hekaya icome

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Masweep tu hapa. Enyewe @Ka-Buda effidense ni muhimu, sio kwa mlo peke yake.
How many children will you be looking after ukiongeza hawa wa Mnaijo kwa portfolio yako? You should get your job back first, Alejandro baadaye?

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If memory serves, huyu ni yule mlipatana embassy?

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Hata thermal image ya your cum between her legs ikwom

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She is divorced. The Naija guy had another two families,one in Naija and another in Germany.
I warned her but like most Kenyan women she didn’t believe me. Naijas might shag you and sire kids with you but they always go back to their own.


I am as fit as a butcher’s cat.
CLEAN as a whistle the last I had my ex do a blood test!.. kikikikkkk

I think I talk too much, ndiyo huyo!

congratulations my broda oh

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Midlife crisis

I want this life n approach in 2018…staki upuzi