Twenty years on..... Could this be the one I grow old with? (Long Dick Alert)

They say that if it’s not working, you should let them go and if it’s meant to be, they will always come back to you!

In my case, they didn’t say that I would have to wait twenty years before they came back!

Liz was my first love.
I met her in the first few weeks of our first year at uni.
She was at a different uni from me and she came from a very different background from my hustler self.
New country, no friends and relatives you tended to drift together not just as black people but also as Africans , Kenyans etc…
Before you know it, nobody cares whether your daddy was a minister or whether you came on a scholarship. Ulaya doesn’t care you are all sad lonely souls away from home.

Kidogo Liz and I are an item.
She is a year older than me but coming from ubabini, im obviously more streetwise and I think it’s the only thing she finds attractive about me.
Liz is super hot and I can’t believe my Luck the first time I bang her!
I have taken her virginity too and she gets too clingy for my liking.

Liz was one of those extremely attractive girls who don’t even know that they are smoking hot.
The most down to earth barbies I had ever met and she is emotionally so needy she wants to walk around holding my hand etc…
Mimi saa hizo naona walami throwing themselves at us black foreign students kama uongo.
I obviously cheat on Liz countless times but she just won’t let me go.

Liz even attempts trapping me by getting pregnant but being immature and irresponsible, nikamwambia atoe ball staki ujinga.
(I regret that to date)
Liz has no choice and she flashes my baby but she doesn’t stop believing that me and her have a future. After all we are at this stage living together although the stress I’m putting her through plus the pregnancy scare causes her to drop out of uni!..

Long Hekaya summarised, one day after months of me taking Liz for granted and cheating on her, She gathers the strength to kick me out of the flat that her daddy was paying for from nchini!

Stupid me takes it as an opportunity to shag all the jungu chicks I can lay my hands on!..

Liz still has feelings for me all the time and we would occasionally link up for quickies and angry sex.
She still confessed her undying love for me.

In time, Liz being the hot thing she was, she starts getting propositions from junguz and I’m not surprised, many times when we were together, jungu guys would Katia her and one had even approached me and Liz on the street claiming to be from a top modelling agency.

Liz would come and confess all to me.

But one day after she caught me with a jungu woman in town, Liz tells me that she is moving to another City with a jungu she met.!!!
My ego is too big and I just shrug it off as an attempt by her to get my attention.
Her last words being that I was the love of her life and that she had to move on although she still has deep feelings for me.
If it was meant to be, it will happen. My immature egocentric promise to her… “wherever I meet you no matter who you’re with,I will fuck you”

Just like that, Liz disappeared from my life.

Over the years, I kept in touch and I knew that she had broken up with the jungu and had gone on to get married and have a baby with some Naija scumbag.

One summer day I go out of town to a friend’s do and there she is!
Liz with her Naija husband and kids!

As the sun goes down and while everyone else is in the garden enjoying the barbecue, I lure Liz to the bedroom where my friend had set me and my family.
The bedroom window overlooks the garden and no word of a lie, I bent Liz over and took her doggy style as her husband flipped the hotdogs and hamburgers while my then wife served other guests! And afterwards we walk back to the garden like nothing happened… Liz didn’t even bother to clean my cum from between her legs alidai ati she wants to feel me in her!!!..

Siku hiyo ndiyo nilijua Liz and I were meant to be together!

Years go by and we loose touch.

Until yesterday!

Went for a boxing Day bash at my Ugandan friend’s place a Couple away from me and guess who I should find there?..

Liz sees me and she breaks down crying!

I calm her down and as soon as she can talk she reminds me of a promise we made to each other way back when in our late teens while we watched that comedy program FRIENDS.anyone familiar with friends knows Joey and Monica.they made the Same promise to each other.

“If we get to our forties and we are still single, we will get married and grow old together”…

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe in Fate and I am going to marry my lost long first love Liz in 2018 in Kenya.

You Only Live Once!

longer than my entire lifetime…miaka 26?? it’s truly a small world.

I don’t normally like this but kabunda at least a sketch cud have gone a long way in autheniting your story baba. ION ulipata job, kama bando joo huku nikuunganishe with one meria mata.

Kabisa I like the fact that you accept that you are from ndeiya. But hii story yako yakimama, why don’t you create a women’s section with that other admin who rants via his pseudonym, mtumalizie hii story once and for all.

This is a lie.

Mbona siwaelewi?

Maito eterera hanini.

kabuda since klost umekua na 7000 issues na ma ex wife, ex ex, ex girlfriend, ex clandestine, ex Arimis, ex menengai… i mean you got issues with every woman that you’ve had and it has to end up with ex something and ex everything

Uko na Bibi wewe?

story za @Ka-Buda 95% ni fiction hakuna effidense , exhibit amewaiweka in his 90 years in KTALK ni akipika githeri na spaghetti , nguruwe umbwa kabisa .


Yaani umeita huyu jamaa jinamizi kubwa chafu lenye tabia mbaya. Ukienda mbinguni, then hakunaga jehanamu.

Next week you’ll come back and tell us your zulu ex wife mara nanii is your true soulmate. And how will you marry her yet she’s currently married with kids? Wait till her husband finds out what you guys were up to, you’re a dead man walking… Teren tereeen…:D:D

Halafu @uwesmake ni malaya mwingine niliona huku rongai…

How many Sti’s circulate between you and all your exes?
They are ferking everyone and everything, you too are ferking everyone and everything and them too raw at the slightest opportunity. You surely can’t tell me that all of you are so lucky you keep avoiding infections.

Kabuda we know you a nurse at a Psychiatric ward in Essex,we know that sympathetically the symptoms of the patients you handle occasionally manifest in your good self.Pole Kabuda ukirudi nyumbani utawacha kupagawa na hao mapepo.

How big is this majuu kijiji that you went to school and have been working for all this years that you keep on bumping into each other, kikikiki

Sometimes you have to let go if you love someone, stop playing games to this woman because you know that she will always be at your disposal let her raise her kids in peace with the Nigerian, get over the guilt of the unborn child, this may be what is binding you, Huh!!

All the best

Kabudaa unanusa msoto vyenye ulipoteza waks, sasa ikabidi urudie huyu ex wako coz ametoka ubabini.

Wait…so Liz is now single? What happened to her Nigerian husband? I knew it wouldn’t last, most Nigerians are crap.