Apana tambua takataka

Vipi mdau… Nishalandi Emirates…
Lakini niko na delay ya 1minute na kitu 15 seconds…

Free money hapa

Hard to predict.

ya wa russia
Sport tv1

Leicester wamenyimwa pena

Live live.

Four more corners

Yani huyu coach wenyu anaweza weka aje bellarin amark marguire kwa corners.

It’s his wing. Nani mwingine atamfanyia kazi yake?

Hio sport TV huwa ya Portugal.
Niko Kwa NBC…


Hapo Marguire akona advantage kubwa due to height difference. Umeona he nearly scored.

Good for my corners bet
Guys still arsenal race to 7 corners is a banker


True, but he knows it and he has to work hard and not give him comfortable headers, meanwhile ndio hako kashasaidia Leicester kufunga:D


Bellerin ni ngombe

Takataka Bellerin. This guy is probably a woman or a transgender. Fuck this lesbian man. Ghasia yeye. Worst right back in the Premier league. Msee hits the ball in front of him and despite having a distance advantage he still can’t get to it first ! Mbwa yeye Arsenal always entertain some pretty mediocre players. This is why i hated Wenger more than the devil himself . He’s the one responsible for all this dead weight in the club.

Bellerin amekuwa down sana, and if he evetually fails to perform during an attack, then i see a replacement coming soon; he’s completely failing defensively. combined by the fact that Mkhi rarely tracks back…iko siiida…