please advice on a 55 inch tv i can get with a budget of 60 to 70K

Your type of people ndio huchapiwa wife

Silly heads


See this link on olx. She has a long list of offers.

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Hisense Smart TV 4k Ultra HD 55"


takataka swine. nani amekuambia niko na bibi in the first place? ningekutombea wako with pleasure lakini

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See this link on olx. She has a long list of offers.
thank you. let me check[/QUOTE]

Vile mbomb amesema. Got mine at 65k back in march

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Check hapa

Halafu utafute OLX

Whatever you do, don’t buy TCL or KTC

How comes? I was considering a tcl.

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@syndicate, hebu njoo mbio mbio.

Hii biz imempita.

Nani ameona skyworth 55’ ya 4K on our local market?

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same thing here, i was considering either a tcl or the hisense vouched for above.

na vile jumia walikua wanaziuza bei ya kutupa last week

I have a sumsung 46 inch 3D selling at that price range.Inbox if intrested.

Ndio mimi huyu sasa

Hello bro niko hapa, for u. Avoid TCL TV, i highly recommend HISENSE TV. Come inbox we negotiate. Free delivery.

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Why are we avoiding TCL?? Can someone expound please?

TCL ukifinya screen inatoa maji. They using LCD screen technology