TV Za Arial Na FM Radio Zitakuja Kuisha

[SIZE=5]Norway became the first country to end national radio broadcasts on FM, it became the first country in the world to shut down national broadcasts of its FM network. [/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Everything will be moving online. TV, Radio, Voice calls etc[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] [/SIZE]

Mimi mara ya mwisho kuskiza FM radio sikumbuki ni lini ata

Mimi sina Ariel…banae

Radio tunaskiza online. TV tunawatch YouTube. Whichever TV station doesn’t do online livestream must be living in ancient times

state capture they want to kill hustlers primary mode of entertainment.

Norwegians wanapenda kimbele mbele. FM is still available to the rest of Europe for the next ten years.

Let me start keeping radios and FM transmitters as souvenirs.

Me hu streat Rogue Radio online. Only free radio station to play anything

Wasn’t this thing supposed to happen worldwide in 2005 thereabouts?

Halafu Mr Ndindi, digital radio is not internet radio

Back in 2012, I found a copy of Black XP and after formatting my PC, I saw it had a list of links to visit. Under “Online Radio” I saw Digitally Imported and that is how I dove into online radio and never looked back. I’m typing this as I’m streaming Synthwave from DI. [ATTACH=full]452203[/ATTACH]

Its purely an electronic music platform?

100% Electronic Music. Channels are based on genres like Electropop, Breaks, Tech House, Hardstyle, etc. It’s how I find new music and artists.

Naona ya kwanza nmeletewa Breathe Carolina. Naona nkidump Spotify. Kuna venye naweza import playslists to spotify niavoid izi ads?