TV-White Space Internet in Kenya

Does anybody know if there are any TV White space ISP’s in kenya aside from the mawingu project and if there is a working database for our white space’s within the MHz Spectrum range in Kenya???

[SIZE=1]marketer ya mawingu networks! [/SIZE][SIZE=4]Detected[/SIZE]

You got a probo with Mawingu networks?

Kwanza elimisha sisi wengine on whatever the fuck you are talking about. We may learn something beneficial

Using analog spectrum for internet provision

Analog ni kama zile TV za nundu?

Si I thought analogue ilizimwa na 700Mhz given to Jamii

Speaking of which, are you aware if the now freed spectrum is sold by the government or is it available for free?
If sold, how much?

tv white space internet from the many open spaces in the Spectrum range btwn 0-900mhz that are used for TV Channel signals and the like, in between this tv channels there are spaces left for buffering and to avoid interference btwn the diffrent channels, this space can be used to tranmit data across 10km or more through walls, hills, forest and almost any obstacle, its far stronger than wifi, but am not sure if CAK wana regulations on this…

obvously the govt. is the only authority in the matter CAK manage the spectrum, but there has never been any indication of whether they are looking to go the white space way, coz it potentialy possible to use 2 white space wireless devices consuming less power in place of up to 4-6 normal wifi devices, with more bandwidth and 4 times the range, so u can imagine covering an entire university compund for example with just 3 devices[1 base station,2 client stations_each client with 4km range of approx. max. of 96mps] its Super Wifi, the Database of the analog range for kenya if there is one and who is permitted by CAK to use different parts of the spectrum,.

i dont know any mawingu networks people if u do please connect me to them, they must have a databese there using to utilize the spectrum, coz the diffrent parts of spectrum change regularly [that’s why tv channell signal strength and quality vary from place to place] so u need a record of all users of the spectrum and a system to detect the best white spaces performancewise to continually migrate from one white space to the next to ensure good speeds and ample bandwidth with minimal or no interference.


thanks, i need this…

I need a tech-ionary