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Hello elders…

Just need some recommendations on the interesting Tv shows to watch while i will be taking a break from hustles.

I was heart broken when my fav tv show,Person of Interest ,ended and i will admit it was hard for me to find a good one tht i would always look forward to watching.
Then i was forced to start going over the old ones that had
Adventure, mystery, sci- fi, magic,story-telling,action

Right now i will admit its been a difficult one to find good show.
Through here,i got interesting show which i fell in love with.
Here are some that i have followed at least to drop a hint on my taste

The Halo
The flash
Legends of tomorrow
Person of interest
Prison break

I loved The expanse , shida tu ni imeniacha hanging and i feel hawakumaliza storyline, season cancelled just when it was getting real interesting

Please any recommendation.

For all Mankind

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