TV Shows For Your Last Sunday of November 2020

Mostly dramas.

The Queen’s Gambit

“Perhaps we should adjourn now. You must seal your move”

The Undoing

“What I cannot do is wave a wand and make everything better.”

The Flight Attendant

“Kim, when you hear galloping you think horses, not zebras.”


" …and a dominant species collectly unable to spell the word Mississippi."

The Haunting of Bly Manor

“It’s perfectly splendid.”

His Dark Materials Season 2

Best show on TV right now.

Too many women leads. MGTOW!

Better than having gay characters shoved down your throat. Kwanza Netflix ndio wako na iyo ushenzi

Are you really that into gender politics? Currently, most of the best tv shows, and videos games for that matter, have females in leading roles.

Which one is better??
Women leads or gay agendas in tv series. I would take the former any day.

I can not watch Netflix gay shiets

Eventually you will stop watching new movies and tv series. Liberal Hollywood wazungus will put gays in everything including children’s cartoons.

His Dark Materials imeweza…they have really invested kwa hio tv show visual effects wise…yes lead role ni ya dem mtoi but man she is good, she was even better in LOGAN

Just finished wathinc TENET. WHAT A FUCKING RIDE! The have to make a second one.

true i was watching it yesterday hio movie ni kali, even though it can be a bit confusing kama huezi concentrate i think ni ju ya the way they have done the editing cut scenes