Tv Series showing American police/crime life Antifa BLM

Apart from watching documentaries like the one below from Frontline PBS on YouTube, this series called THE ROOKIE,
about daily police life, blacks, racist whites, crime, drama,sex, corruption is one of the best. You will really enjoy it, am currently on season 3 and giving it 9/10.
Does anyone have similar tv series? asanteni…


Frontline has the best youtube documentariea.
You need to watch this one. Huyu Alex Jones reminds me of our own @patco …heheh

PBS used to recieve a staggering $445 million every year in govt funding for producing and airing stupid shows like Sesame Street and Frontline. Complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

Trump asked why the waste. He didn’t get an answer so he went ahead and slashed their budget to about 90 million.

The lady CEO of PBS was livid. The Democrats in congress intervened and refused to support Trump’s budget cut because they usually get kickbacks from PBS plus free advertising. In retaliation the PBS lady unleashed her wrath on Trump.

You can find someone on YouTube training the viewer how to play a guitar. A video he shot on his phone camera for zero bucks.

A similar video on PBS costs the U.S taxpayer $80,000 in production and airing costs and yet no one in America watches PBS.

Even Kenya’s KBC stopped buying content from PBS. IN THE 80s and 90s you could find boring documentaries like PBS presents How Chlorophyll works in Trees. Watu wa KBC kama @uwesmake can relate. @uwesmake najua hukuwa unahata Sesame Street on Kbc.

But you have to give it to them for their gold standards in journalism. Unlike fox, cnn nd other media outlets who have an agenda, Frontline Pbs comes out as the most liberal

How did she decide to get even with Trump? Sijapata any evidence…

Si she went full Democrat mode to campaign to remove President Trump in 2020.

Just peruse through Frontline documentaries about recent U.S politics zote ni 101% anti Trump.

Some MAGA supporters refer to PBS as Propaganda for Biden Service :

And here is the lady in question. It was a full on war. The majority Democrats in Congress saved her ass :

I agree with you. Personally siwezi watch documentaries made by fox, cnn and other mainstream US news channels because I always find myself asking kama hii yote ni propaganda.

When they see us

The Rookie? Its basically Castle but he wears a uniform. Somehow it’s even less believable now that Nathan Fillion is actually playing a cop. Anyway Southland was a very good, gritty cop show that showed both sides of the story. NYPD Blue is another classic. Not a series but a film, End of Watch. Very underrated. Boardwalk Empire covers prohibition era gangsters. And of course I can’t forget The Wire.

watch ‘FBI
the stars are an arab guy and his lady partner…very nice’


umesahau the SHIELD

Agreed that $445M is alot but Sesame Street isn’t stupid. A whole generation of African (and other third world continents and countries) grew up on it and learnt a lot back when YouTube wasn’t an option. Don’t sh!t on it because it developed into some other ugly agenda-driven BS later on.