Tv series of the decade

Bana am idle nikaamua ni rewatch banshee the series . Wueh kali kama moto the fight scenes. These are my series of the decade

The shield
Nip tuck
Ray donovan

Weka justified number 1

Without prison break and breaking bad that list is null and void

tuko na one more year imebaki ndio decade iishe, mtulie

Wenzako wana prepare kufunga mwaka na wewe kama mwoman una review ma series. Jiheshimu.

Unajua maana ya decade?

Season 5 pekee ndio ilitokea 2017, and it sucked.

TV Series of the decade kwangu ni


Premiered September 2011 and ended June 2016.


Umbwa wapi sons of anarchy

How to get away with murder

Show imejaa ushoga, ili nilemea

Na pia homeland

Lichoti huna pesa ngombe hii unapanga line kwa cyber kama mama uburniwe movie na wenzako wako vacation pole pole

Banshee ilinishinda despite downloading 3 seasons.
My all time series
1.The Wire
2. GoT …feminists fucked season 8 but still was good
3.Breaking Bad

How does a full bodied man enjoy watching not just a movie, but bunches of episodes in the house na uko na mtoto/watoto na bibi kwa iyo nyumba who are supposed to be the owners of the TV. Kwanza ati ni jioni after news and you have the rights to the remote after 1930hrs wakati wazee Wana finalize deals of the day kwa local. For the bachelors it’s ok but wengine SMH

sopranos si ni ya 1990 ama?
decade ni 2010 - 2020

The decade began on January 1st 2010 and ends in Dec 31st 2019 or today.

BBC’s Sherlock

there was never year 0

Yes, says you, out of 7 billion people so says you. Acha arguments za ufala ukiwa corrected just agree to it and move on.

Hio order is not on superiority except top two