TV adverts in Kenya

my OCD is itching to correct this

self proclaimed boy child defender Nyakundi said something which got me thinking…I will quote him “most tv adverts are below par because big advertising companies such as scanad have been taken over by brainless slay queens like…who got the jobs not on merit but because they could spread their legs”…truth be told, Kenyan adverts are cringeworthy,…its even worse when athletes are sourced to endorse products, there is usually very little creativity.

The best ad i have seen recently ni ile ya airtell featuring shix and also the yoghurt where the kid drops a bombsbell

The worst must be the new fanta ad

As for me I don’t watch local tv stations…how do you not ‘do’ local tv?

hiyo ya Airtel mashakura hunibamba sana…

hao actors wa househelps of kawangware wanakuanga tu sawa