TV adverts in Kenya

For the first time in a long time I spent a whole day in doors. I decided to watch TV and the Kenyan adverts got me thinking.Why is it only celebrities we know get to feature in adverts? They do well in their careers but they need to know advertising is a different thing.
Personally I hate adverts featuring size 8 and Mogaka…the guy has a terrible voice and is so old school. I do wonder who keeps giving him the opportunity to advertise for them. In the US for example people doing adverts are neither actresses or singers but advertising professionals.

you are wrong. advertisements feature models and not ad professionals. celebrities come with star power

MCSK and its twin partner in crime are robbing them blind. Only income they get is the shows they do. So they turn to endorsements and adverts. Sisi pia hatuwapei support. Ushawai ona mtu ananunua album ya Jimmy Gait na vile inakuwanga mziki poa?:smiley: That was a joke. Mayb elani etc

kwanza mogaka na hii jinga inaitwa sjui mshamba.fools

na yule dj shit, oh boy ao shitty

Irony ya kuongea mob bila kujua kenye unasema…wacha wivu…but tv adverts are for strugglers

It depends if the advert is good or effective. The fact that you are talking about it means it worked.

I don’t do local TV, so for that reason I’m out.

You are not the target market

but they should consider us

the ad professionals will know how and where to target you kama saa hii kuna ad inakuja iko na mzee kijana akienda bafu kama amejifunga leso juu wamegundua kuna wanaume wengine wanahitaji ma-leso siku hizi:)

Gal Gado and Jason kwa advert ya Wix

wix ni nini nyangau

Watch Jason Statham na utumie Google

Can’t relate

but the adverts are not captivating or powerful enough unlike others e.g the coca cola christmas truck advert ,25 years later i still sing along and get excited when i see it,or the omo with powerfoam,now adverts are like a skit,funny for that moment that give you an urge for impulse buying or annoying AF

two things: creativity, budget…coca cola with a world wide market will not think twice about spending millions to shoot a 30-sec ad in an exotic location coz the cost per unit sale is minimal cf jamaa washing soap with a limited market only in kenya; they will only hire a third rate comedian to create brand awareness…

hence the crapocalypse in kenyan adverts,they piss the sh1t out me

It’s laziness by ad companies. They prefer well know celebs because it covers for the lack of creativity in the ads.

I actually like DJ Shiti a lot, he cracks me up.