Tutsis vs. Bantus of the Great Lakes region

Yaani a population of just over 500k imewaangaisha proper throughout the Great Lake regions. Pale Eastern Congo the M23 inacharaza those Congo Bantus mpaka the Congolese government inawaita the international community iwasaidie.

On a serious note, are Tutsis really victims as they always claim or just manipulative aggressors?

Your cousins kule south sudan are unable to run a country lakini as usual nyani haoni kundule. If Africa was left to cushites and nilotes there would be fighting every day, everywhere.

Stop imposing non-existent ‘cousins’ on us. Kubali Bantus mkona shida kubwa.

Kipmeno it is true. Scientifically proven. Hata hapa Kenya tu most bandits are nilotes. Due to strong looting gene kama ile ya Ruto ni wizi wa ng’ombe tu ndo imejaa kwa akili. Look at county development statistsics. Penye Bantus wako kuna pesa na chakula. Penye Nilotes na Cushites wako kuna njaa, ufisadi na ufukara.

Bottom homosexual your role model ojinga pia ni nilotes

But he is being controlled in proxy by Uhuru.

I’m pro-Tutsi lakini I can understand why the Hutus hate them. Ni kama jews vile hushinda wakilia holocaust na wanatomba Palestinians na neighbouring countries sagwasagwa. Kwanza ukisoma history ya Burundi, their Tutsis used to massacre Hutus, assassinate their leaders and generally instigate a lot of fuckery.

The west is the only reason why Tutsi are in power in Rwanda


In Congo, they have never been regarded as one of the native tribe but after moving to the country as refugees, they’re now claiming a territory (Nord Kivu) and wants to be overrepresented in the Congolese government. I understand the Hutus’ bitterness.

A bonobo arguing whether he is a better bonobo than his fellow bonobos. Is there any difference between the Cushitic Somalia and Bantu Congo?

Just admit upande wa governance and administration hakuna kitu Nilotes wanajua except violence na wizi.


Btw even those “beautiful” women of Rwanda huwa upper class Tutsis. Ni kama uchukue madem wa Runda, Lavington, Karen, Muthaiga etc alafu useme hao ndio face of Kenya. Nilikuwa nashangaa tangu lini Bantus tukakuwa that tall considering the fact that we don’t have any Cushitic/Nilotic genes among us. Kwa grounds things are different banae.

Ni kweli kipkuma. You have unmatched and irresistible urges to steal. From cows to land. I don’t know whether hizo meno zenu huprotrude mkiona ngombe ama shiamba?


Aren’t they mixed with the Cushites, Somalis to be precise ?

:D:D:D:D:D highland Nilotes ni maumbwaa

Tutsis, yes, Bantus, No.

Tutsis are Bantus. Bantu is more a language group