I was seeing this jana when i saw so many people arriving at KCB leadership center which is next to my office for this interview.Tuskys wanted only 400 applicants for cashiers,shop attendants & loaders to be absorbed into their 54branches.They wanted Form 4leavers & diploma holders from the ages of 18 to 29yrs.Shocking thing out of the 600applicants,56% of applicants were degree & masters holders.They even had applicants who were in their early 30 to 40years.

Shocking thing on the video is a stunning chic with a master degree in Fashion & Design whos looking for kazi ya mkono tuskys while i know of a chic mtaani who designs african attire & she gets orders from kila pahali mpaka shes bought more sewing machines and employed 2assistants(Dunno if this chic wa mtaa did a tailoring course).Enyewe this unemployment is a tickling time bomb,Kenya at 17.4% is the highest in East Africa.


Unfortunately, not everyone who goes to school makes it in life. Guys should be looking at innovating and starting their own things.


Ticking. Repeat ’ ticking’


Sad…many people are suffering. Currently niko in a job that doesn’t pay well and am overworked-stretching to weekends but nikifikiri kuquit napicture my former collegemate who’s out there looking for the same job that is wearing me out and I just count my blessings and proceed to grind harder hoping that a better job will one day come up.


Sadness of life. Please please sponsors and parents. Someone going to college is no longer a child but a grown up adult. Sit them down and give direction on there lives. Sasa master degree in Fashion & Design itakupeleka wapi? Instead of spending maybe 50K fees and 50K upkeep that year then wouldn’t it make more sense to try entrepreneurship skills courses and then from that 100K invest in a salon or cloths shop that will earn the person money. Don’t just go for a course just for the certificate or degree that wouldn’t serve you soon after.


Recycled sh!t

Eh huyo wa masters kwani shule they never designed a thing but it could be she was pushed to do it sasa ameona ajismamie starting from the bottom.

in 2008 it was 40%…currently at 17.1%…Rome was not built in a day.

maybe to him it’s funny hence it’s a tickling time bomb.


If you want to be a doctor, architect Lawyer, vet, Engineer, accountant/auditor, teacher e.t.c go to campo/college, because thats the only way you get to practice.
Lakini vitu kama fashion and design, interior design, animation, landscaping e.t.c don’t waste your 4 years in school. Do free e-learning and get into an apprentice-ship program early, immediately you finish form 4. By the time jamaa anatoka campo after miaka nne, utakuwa miles ahead. Hell ongeza hata coding hapo, @webdev is a living example


Well am in a MBA class over the weekend. While I struggle with three or four classes during the weekend pale UoN I see fresh graduates who graduated as early as December 2015 spending a whole week in class for 6 units. Yaani mtu amepata degree juzi na ako halfway masters. Unauliza mtu masters ni ya nini anakuangalia tu.

Sidenote: uzuri wa hutu tumtu tunafanya group assignments na bidii. Napenda vile tunanisaidia kupata 50% bila stress na kucopy notes. You shld see me offer to print and bide the work willingly ni kama ni offering natoa.

There’s someone here who talked about entrepreneurship and the challenges be has to go through kwanza in Kenya. I think this is what puts people off from pursuing that direction. One thing I have realized is that all it takes is confidence in the venture you have decided to undertake and be a man of your words not just offering heaven and unable to deliver.


The authorities in mordern kenya want certificates…watu warudi chuo

So tunakuwanga pamoja classess za Saturday!!It is actually absurd attending MBA immediately after campus.I hear fresh graduates in that class wondering the need of the Management Practice Unit and I wonder? do they fucking understand the basis of the masters program they are taking?!!

Hehe I actually have two beuties bumper to bumper…very resourcefull in scavanging for information,group works and deadlines…though the enticing smell of fresh slices becon more

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Nairobi ni ndogo boss MP nilichafua last sem…mimi hubambika sana Lec akichapa stori ya vitu napitia daily job. Yaani all my challenges in a class set up.

but i agree with you unemployment is not a laughing matter…

poverty is a state of mind…



Kenya is in the top 10 worldwide!!!



What is wrong with Kenya? Africa’s 9th largest economy and still by far East Africa’s largest and most advanced??

Could it be that we lack Entrepreneurial skills? Partly. There are programmed robots churned out in plenty every year through the education system and who can’t think outside the box and fend for themselves. They just know salaried employment. I say this is “partly” to blame coz u still feel great ideas coming out of this country but we’re far from being trailblazing internationally. Those with viable enterprises that have managed to create massive employment and leave a notable mark are countable. Like Mwangi of Equity. Which leads me to my next point.

Kenya is NOT a poor country (by Sub Saharan Africa standards) BUT the wealth created circulates in VERY FEW HANDS. 93% of working Kenyans earn 40k or less per month. Only 1% of working class Kenyans earn 100k or more monthly. I read a report sometime this year in the Business Daily indicating that 85% of all jobs created in Kenya in 2015 were in the informal sector. The jobs that “posh graduates” won’t touch, as they struggle to get those 20k or 25k Tuskys positions. Out of 800k graduates churned out annually, only about 100k will get absorbed in the formal sector… And not necessarily within the first year of graduation…

So what can we learn from all this?

  1. Entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged and honed. Starting with the school curriculum. 8-4-4 has been pathetic when it comes to this…

  2. Since not every youth is built for entrepreneurship, educated youth need to stop shunning blue collar jobs, which can be temporary income generating activities as one looks for the opportunities they deserve e.g. a tout, a waiter, a mjengo guy, a cyber attendant, a hair salon chick etc. This is where poorer countries are beating us badly in the unemployment rates.

  3. Runaway corruption needs to be tamed as it is leading to huge wealth inequality and robbing the masses of viable opportunities, leading to a whole generation with a lost future.


kuna chocha mitaani for kids to go for what i call glamour courses - journalism, communications, fashion design, landscape architecture, music/film production, modelling…insert others here…for which there are no openings in the market and for which kids really need talent…

in the meantime when the economy goes full throttle especially with the opening up of the oil and mining sectors we will be importing welders from philipines and malaysia…in the meantime facilities at the Nyeri National Poly lie idle kwa sababu hakuna mtu anataka kazi ya uchafu; wanataka business management…

I actually think the lecturer is narrating my day to day work life.This days I unleash the management principle and terms in every conversation at work naona watu wanakaa mesmerised…lool