Tuskys :Auctioneers vs staff


Siwezi dhubutu. Physically Fighting for my employer is a big NO.

Are these really employees? Maybe they are hired goons by the employer? Mimi sioni chenye employer anaweza nipatia ndio nitetee mali yake na mwili yangu.

Tuskys is gone.
The moment the customers left the supermarket, that was the end of it.
Because whther they restock, pay their debts, or their staff it will be very hard to bring the custmers back.

Tuskeys is gone. Next sasa ni Naivas. Hio mbio ya expansion wako nayo wataacha.

Why are Kenyan supermarkets collapsing? It’s not a good thing when you consider the people who will lose jobs as a result

Was built on a firm foundation but greed amongst the siblings wrecked it.
Am talking about Tuskys

Mi sai nikiwa branch manager kwa any outlet naleta lorry najaza vitu and disappear into thin air… kitambu court process zianze ntakua nilisha anzisha shop yangu and just chilling…

They are trying to protect their jobs.

What they are trying to avoid now would be a non-entity had they set aside their greed (and “ADVANCED INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS EXPERTISE”) eons ago…

If it was me working for Tuskys as a cashier or supermarket attendant, I could have even joined the auctioneers.

If you are a tick on a cow, why would you join those who have come to slaughter the cow?

Kama unapata 18k salo and the owners are making billions, why wouldn’t you grab the opportunity to keep some of the stocks for yourself?

Angalau hapo utapata vitu za kuuza ujipanguze machozi ya kupoteza job in this hard economy time.

I thought you said that you get your news direct in your email inbox from NIS and other “worthy” outlets like “reddit”.

Hizi ndio gani tena.

Any less pixels and this would be radio.

naivas are clever, they’ve recently sold a stake to a foreign investor, so falling down is a bit tricky , the one to follow most likely will be quickmart

Na Quickmart je?

Tuskys management should remember the words said by the CEO they kicked out few yrs back.

Naivas expansion is paid for by the new shareholders

Quickmart also sold some shares