Tusker Project Fame star living and sleeping on the street.

He’s the son of one of the top njaruo homeguard rulers of Kenya. Saidieni kijana.

[SIZE=7]Former-TPF Star Living Miserable Life in Nairobi Streets [PHOTOS][/SIZE]
[li]By STEPHANIE WANGARI on 17 November 2020 - 11:34 am[/li]
Former TPF contestant David Major

Photos have emerged of former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) contestant David Major living miserably on the streets of Mirema drive in Roysambu, Nairobi County.
Residents in the area say that Major, a contestant during season two of the show, has been living along the Drive for quite some time.
A good samaritan, Tony Ingosi alias Shobol on Monday, November 16, hosted Major and offered him food before he asked for consent to take his photos and highlight his plight.
Former TPF contestant David Major

Major allegedly agreed to have a plate of food but turned down his offer to spend the night at his place.
"I was heading out when I saw a man who was barefoot and unkempt. When I took a closer look, I noticed that it was David so I engaged him in a conversation and he told me that his friends and family had disserted him.
“I gave him a pair of shoes because I didn’t feel comfortable highlighting his plight with him being barefoot,” Shobol told Kenyans.co.ke.
Shobol stated that Major may have been battling drugs and substance abuse.
“He looked aloof like he was unaware of what was happening and he didn’t want me to host him for the night. He preferred to spend the night in a club in the area,” he stated.
Before his current situation, the musician worked as an audio engineer for major productions in Kenya.
Major’s friends are now requesting Kenyans of goodwill to help him get to a rehabilitation centre.
The former TPF star is the son of the late Dr Margaret Ogola, an award-winning author, medical doctor, and human rights advocate.
Dr Ogola is best known for her novel, The River and the Source, which was a set book used by students for KCSE between1999 to 2004.
Ogola succumbed to cancer in 2011.

Former TPF contestant David Major and a good samaritan at Mirema Drive on Monday, November 16

Met him at a house party once or twice. He was always on drugs and had major narcissism issues, just like you Patty. I wish him the best.

sasa mnataka tufanye nini jameni?

The good times :

[SIZE=7]See the fine ladies that Former TPF Star DAVID MAJOR used to hang out with before things went south (PHOTOs)[/SIZE]
November 17, 2020

Tuesday, 17 November 2020 – Former TPF star, David Major, who has been reduced to a shadow of his former self, was a ladies’ man during his glory days.

He would hang-out with some of the hottest ladies in town thanks to his enormous fame.

But these days, he is a lonely man in the streets.

According to reliable sources, the young man is homeless and can barely afford food.

The hot slay queens who used to hang out with him during his glory days are nowhere to be seen.

They have probably blocked his phone number and disappeared without a trace when he needs their help.

See his previous life before things went south.


And now you feel good because he is suffering?

Fuc.kin sadist.

too bad, no damsel can come to his rescue, party after party was the slogan then

Read somewhere this jamaa blew his serious inheritance on flights to UK na kuparty na big boys club. Crashed his car on Mombasa road as his downward dive to msoto began.

@T.Vercetti si kwa ubaya, but fuck this nigga! I feel nothing for guys who waste their lives on drugs when they get money, then come to social media with a pity party tumsaidie.

Mwanaume anaunda nywele hivo si ni meffi tu…

Alipeleka inheritance Dubai pia …

Check out photos during his glory days.


Mtoto wa homeguards amefilisika hivi? Maajabu.

Wueh,nimezeeka tu sana. Kama unajua Yoko akiwa bado fresh,probably tunajuana:D:D:D:D:D;)[SIZE=1]Those sweet yellow chinky thighs zilinimalizia 30k salo.Good ol days

Fuga kunguru at your own risk. [SIZE=1]but the nigger enjoyed life when it lasted[/SIZE]

Kijana najua sahii akipewa second chance hatataka kuona kunguru tena

Mirema drive ime waste vijana wengi sana. Guys drunk as early as 0700hrs na umalaya mingi. But mm nashangaa na vijana wa leo, unapata kapesa mzuri all at once unakojolea yote in a year or less. Si anaewekelea mahali, ingine unajiajiri nayo to do what you love doing and you are guaranteed to report to ‘office’ daily na chupa mbili jioni on your way home. Coz majority of kenyan youth wenye wameajiriwa wako on contract terms na zikiisha nao wanaisha. Saa hiyo walivuna time yao wakaenda holidays na kununua magari mzito mzito za loan na slekwins hapa na pale. Saa hiyo yote sisi tume maintain tu kwa local daily but hatuna loan ya mtu na kesho tuko job.

he had a good run …without the drugs, his fall back wouldn’t have been that bad

Never heard of the idiot.

Hapo ndio unapata lesson ya maisha ni kujipanga. Mambo ya kuishi ukifurahisha wase ni waste of energy.
Hopefully the man will find a way to uplift himself.

Humble guy a bit of a funny character studied in a group school was a top of the class student loved basketball singing performing arts and chicks…as you can see.
From south b or c…during 2000s.
Used to see him during inter school games.
Sad to see him like this.
Studied with a female contestant from .ug name starts with W ends with Y…same thing happened though she didnt end up homeless…a few hits here anw their fame…then pregnancy and shit went south.
Nakumbuka attending a launch ya TPF somewhere in EAfrica i miraculosly landed on complimentaries…honestly these things were a boose and fuckfest…trust me…that was my first and last time ever to carry a random drunk girl home…sio kwangu lakini…that i picked up in a club.

Hii mirema iko wapi nitafute single room Kama @Brayo44ki