Tusaidie ndugu zetu jameni

To be honest if this BBI passes the major beneficiaries are the GEMA community and Kalenjin community because they are gaining much in terms of new constituencies. The formula being proposed by BBI one man one vote also favors these regions because of their population.
The main losers will be the north eastern region coast and even Nyanza who are now dancing to the BBI reggae, who stand to gain little in terms of new constituencies and lose in the revenue allocation formula.
That means the Kalenjin Rift and GEMA will always have a say on who becomes the president and Prime Minister of Kenya because of tyranny of numbers being introduced by the new constituencies. But pro BBI gang from Nyanza are too blind to see that


Ng’ombe za Baba zikielekea mtoni kunywa maji.

Mtu anaitwa Wanyama akiita watu ngombe?

Takes one to know one.


Mbona hawakuongezea nyandarua

Fake news. Look at the original tweet. It says Muranga.


Don’t mind him! He’s just exposing the tribalism in him,he just can’t hide it!

Even the way it is currently constituted with the number of MPigs and Women’s Reps, how has it benefitted the kawaida person?

Even if they give additional 100 MPs to whatever region, once they enter Parliament they all become the same. They look out for themselves. Nothing will change in Central, Nyanza, Western, Coast etc.

Have you heard of Jicho Pevu or anything meaningful legislation that he has brought forth since he became one of the Pigs?

Nothing for Wanjiku

Generally, I don’t like it when some funny funny type can not differentiate between a few leaders benefiting and a whole community benefiting.