Turushe kakitu wadau

BJ50 , lets support our own


Whats the use of this thing by the way,looks awkward. Don’t look identical though same model.
Lets not risk lives in the name of supporting our own.

Very safe, nyandarua bureau of standards met

This model has a facelift. This must be second edition


hizi vitu ni takataka. Ukweli usemwe.

Afadhali Mobius


Naona new model yao inafanana range rover

Edges be rough as shit. Hi ni tetanus

On what standards was this coffin approved for use by the said bureau?

Can be used in my farm ferrying dhara from the shamba to cow boma. Pesa ngapi hii advanced mkoko?

Blow job 50 bob

Kwani leo ndo umepata na macho…


Hii ni takataka