Turning Point ya kuwacha pombe

Jana was catching beers somewhere along Mombasa Road and decided to go home around 930pm.Had like 6 beers. On my way home I almost died.
Let me say the Nairobi expressway construction drivers are the scum of the earth. The big concrete beams that are being placed on top of the expressway platforms kumbe are constructed at the manufacturing plants along Southern bypass opposite national park and then transported at night to Mombasa road for placement. They are transported by big, long old slow 22 wheeler trucks which move along the bypass at night.
It was raining, and I was driving around 90kph.This truck has no reflectors, no hazard lights and is very dark and moving very slowly on the left lane while am on the right lane. Just as am about to initiate overtaking, the driver suddenly swerves to my lane. I braked hard but the distance between me and the trucks behind was too short since I was already skidding in the rain towards it.
Maze I swerved to the right, Gari ikaruka to the side of the bypass going in the opposite direction such that am now against the traffic. Haki ya Mungu ningekufa bana wee.What if ningekutana na lorry ama Gari ingine nichape head on collision? Bibi yangu angekua mjane leo maze. Mtoi wangu angekua fatherless Leo maze. The guy who was driving behind me wasn’t so lucky. Aliingia direct nyuma ya lorry. The only thing ingekuonyesha Gari ni Toyota fielder ni rear lights na bumper. He died on the spot. No way of rescuing him since his body was trapped deep into the trucks rear.
I got away with just a flat Tyre of the front right Tyre coz the rim got bent. Even the engine and transmission sumps were not damaged. There is no single scratch on the car despite flying from one side of the road to the opposite side. Some truck driver helped me change the Tyre in the rain. He told me one thing that I will never forget. ‘You didn’t die today, God has a purpose for you that you are yet to fulfill’.
I haven’t told anyone at home about this.I repaired the rim and took a drive to the same spot a few minutes ago. It has this eery feeling of ‘this is the spot where you were to depart but you didn’t’. Skid marks bado ziko where I swerved. Slightly ahead, pieces of shattered glass and plastics where the fielder guy died bado ziko. May his soul RIP.
Bila kufuata tamaa za pombe I couldn’t have gone thru this. Nimeacha pombe for the sake of family, for my own sake, and in respect to the life of the fielder ninja who died last night. Maybe ningegonga lorry, the fielder guy could have survived with a lesser impact by hitting me instead of disappearing deep into the lorry’s behind.

The name of the lord be praised.

Why give up alkoho? Si you say the construction drivers are “the scum of the earth”? So its their fault, not yours. Whether you had alkoho or not, you would still have had a near accident

Pole sana Agwash.

I’m sure daily kuna avoidable accidents caused by the trucks and ongoing works on the road. Most of hizo 10 tonne trucks kwanza never have working tail lights so usiku msee anaweza ingia nyuma ya hizo lorry vibaya sana.

No way of rescuing him since his body was trapped deep into the trucks rear.

Lord forgive me I know its a serious story but I laughed.

Lakini OP, 6 beers, night time, its raining, you are doing 90kph. Dulled senses+poor visibility+slippery roads+speeding. That’s courting death Elder.

And because he got away with being an absolute boob, I’m very sure he will keep driving while drunk.

Nothing will change until he has an accident which he actually deems “serious”. He’s just suffering from temporary “PNC” right now. No lessons learnt. Guaranteed.

Pole boss.

Wachana na pombe kabisa boss. Hata mimi nimeachana nayo. Tuokoke tuishi kwa utakatifu.

Tangu uweke banana kwa trouser , it’s hard to know whether you are serious or this is another of your many attention seeking antics in this kijiji.

Karibu to the teetotalling world if true

To the departed soldier, peace be upon you.
For you Agwas, the living enda church… There is a higher power

May the dead ninja RIP. Alafu pombe uwache.

@Agwambo si ungekufa leo nichinje ata kama ni bata halafu nikutombee khupipi. Ghaseeer takataka!

Nyi ndio wale wa gari inajua its way home!?!?
Hata beer moja na pombe ni bad enough…weh unasema 6???
Vile baratheon amesema kwa his second paragraph na nefertities…buda take care of yourself for your families sake bana.
Shukuru Mungu pia…ingia your local church sahile hakuna misa and give the most high a quiet special prayer and rekebisha like youve said.
Good luck. And thank God.

@Agwambo is full of shit fake stories. tangu aingie ktalk he has been busted over 50 times with fake stories and fantasies. last week jamaa amenunua ndizi akaweka kwa longi akidai ako na lwambo fiam kumbe female CSIs can tell the difference. @Agwambo = mafiii

Kuwa witness usaidie the departed fellow akamue hio kampuni vizuri.

Amen. But kindly stop blaming bear. Blame your way of doing things

Road accidents are the silent epidemic. Last year almost 4000 people died on our roads. It is more deadly than C-19.

Be extremely careful on the road. Yes never drunk drive.

The truck should have been fitted with under ride and side guards to mitigate impact of side / rear end accidents. Kebs and NTSA need to be more serious when setting standards and inspecting vehicles.

There was no such accident on the said bypass especially between ole sereni and the langata road. Government records.

Guy is lying.

Thread iko wapi nione ujinga wa hii jaruo jeuli