turning my life to God

wadau I’ve decided to accept the Lord as my saviour. Ever since I declared myself an atheist things have been going wrong in my life.

I’ve decided to go back to church. Leo I visited a preacher who prayed for me. I want to quit alcohol.

I don’t care that someone might scoff and call me an idiot. Hii maisha bila mungu siwezani nayo.


Kabisa…well in

bonobo atheists are fools

you’re also a believer?

It is OK lakini as a scholar, I have never found any compelling reason for any man, having lived a balanced life, to seek the Kingdom. The Kingdom is sought by fools and hypocrites.

hii kitu imekulemea kaka. Lakini usilose hope. It is all in the brain.

Way to go

Amen! Thank you Jesus.

Nilikushow ukikunywa balozi na pharmacy uta amka na aches Kwa mkia

Shakala mbona naona Tauren UZO is your half brother

Pole mdau

whatever works for you man. just be happy. but don’t bash non-believers either

True i only accept the saved d types who got saved in their youth…watu young with beatiful bodies and minds lakini sio awa wamama na wazee huokoka wakifika 60:cool:

@Tauren yaa kwa nini unawacha pombe inakutawala ivyo vyote?

@Thirimaii bado na kuombea uokoke. Yesu anaokoa. He will save you from faggotry.

Remember this thread?

Anyway. First step kuacha pombe kama unaenda God route is to believe you’re powerless against it. Therefore, belief in a higher power can help because your human power imekushinda. Something above you has to aid you. It doesn’t have to be religious God. Just something bigger than you. Can be the sun, can be Lionel Messi, just anything you truly respect and believe is more powerful than you. Belief is powerful. Ubaya atheists wengi you’re actually anti theist. You ignore the beauty of the forest because of a few ugly trees.

May the spirit of Jehovah Wanyonyi always be with you brother Uzo.

I relapsed hard. What’s even worse is that I’ve been blacking out a lot lately.

Pole buda. nikunoma uki cheza na pombe maze. It takes away your ability to make free decisions and makes you it’s slave . That’s why walevi use terms like “zilinibeba” “zilinishow” to describe the experience of being drunk, equating it with loss of self control …It also destroys you. That’s why walevi use terms like “wasted” “smashed” “rarukia” etc… Usually, alcohol tricks users into thinking there is a short cut to happiness, and that you can achieve happiness effortlessly by just sipping on a bottle and yapping with strangers. Happiness requires effort and discipline. May God help you get these and keep them.