Turning 30

Turning 30 in 3 days. Lesson learned, those silly goals like “I have to drive this kind of car at a certain age, have a certain kind of house at this age, have a hot wife and kids by this age,” those goals are fuckin useless and harmful. From the age of 25 to 29 I never enjoyed life at all because I was either chasing or too stressed about this bloody stupid goals. I achieved many of them but at a too great a cost.

Starting from now, I’m living life! Kama ni kupiga sherehe, tunapiga sherehe, kama nikusmash vidosho wadogo, tunasmash. I’ll still work hard because work gives us purpose and money, but I’ll do it with less angst, after all everything will eventually be met with death and destruction, including us, our fortune, our legacy, our civilization, our solar system, heck even our universe.

according to who? just because you didn’t achieve them, don’t push your failures on others. this post seems like someone having a mid-mid-life crisis…

You fucking moron, I clearly said I achieved most of them but at too much cost. If you can’t even read and comprehend how are you going to achieve anything anyway?

wewe ndio umekuwanga 26 years tangu 2013?

most of them? list them… you must be bitter about something here… this looks like a justification for something

Why should I list them to some clearly dumb clown. If you think I’m bitter, cool. But if you had basic comprehension skills you’ll realize that I said one should work hard but with less angst. And I’m talking about myself. You moron can do whatever you want, it’s your life.

It sounds like a regret post and he has reached at a point where he doesn’t care anymore. For that reason, I demand he lists those achievement

Hehehe you demand, okay. Vijana skuizi ni muadunce sana jamani. Kweli wewe una uwezo wa kusoma na kuelewa?

Happy birthday in advance elder, I’m older than you by exactly 10 days, turned 30 on 10th November.

Happy birthday too bro. We are officially old.

Hii umama si ungeipeleka Kilimani mums?

You have 5 years 2 days to beat @Azor Ahai goal. Kama hujakuwa multimillionaire (with a 100m networth) by that age, we si kitu. And you will never make it.

Uko sawa don’t confine yourself to silly societal norms

Uyo ni @MkunduRandom

I feel you elder. I can relate in Many ways

Tumafanyie lifestyle audit. True he sounds like he’s given up on those goals. He’s realized haidhuru…sio las


There’s nothing that beats the feeling of achieving your goals. Nothing!! Your case is very strange. Instead of celebrating you’re gloomy. It’s either you sold your ass to make it or you haven’t really made. Apana chesea elders akili.

Ukipatikana,then the magistrate will say:
Therefore, this court finds you guilty.you don’t belong to the society, I sentence you 15 years in jail. 10 years in a maximum prison. No possibilities of parole or bail. You will find people exactly like you inside there. court adjourned!
And that’s how that deep dark hole between your butt cheeks will loose its grip forever.
Achana na vidosho wadogo.

Everything about this post screams failure. The half-wit has now resorted to school girls.

Mbwakni hapa si facebook, birthday yako jiwekee